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The Philippines – “Honest Citizens and Good Christians”: Don Bosco Makati Responds to Cagayan Valley Emergency

1 month 2 weeks ago
The Philippines – “Honest Citizens and Good Christians”: Don Bosco Makati Responds to Cagayan Valley Emergency

(ANS – Makati City) – The destructive aftermath of Typhoon Ulysses in the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela was felt in the form of raging floods that mercilessly engulfed the valley, forcing people to spend the night on the roofs of their houses desperately waiting for help.

Once news trickled in, primarily through social media, Don Bosco Technical Institute- Makati began a donation drive on Saturday, November 14, to aid the flood victims. Initial organization was made by Fr. Juvelan Samia, the Institutional Pastoral Animator, with the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao, and was immediately expanded through a partnership with Tuguegarao Collective  

Drinking water, food, toiletries, and clothes began to arrive en masse on Sunday, November 15. The first ten-wheeler truck filled with relief goods were sent to Tuguegarao on the afternoon of Monday, November 16, which was made possible through the help of some in-house Migrants and youth volunteers from Saint John Bosco Parish-Makati and San Ildefonso Parish, who continued to help throughout the week.

Donations in cash and kind continued to pour to Don Bosco Makati from Tuesday onwards. The large amount of material aid enabled them to send another ten-wheeler truck on Thursday, November 19. Later that same day, they were able to arrange with Air Asia to airlift a significant amount of relief goods, with a light panel truck arriving in the early evening to pick up the donations in time for a chartered flight to Cagayan Valley.

On Friday, November 20, they were able to send a fully loaded six-wheeler truck to Tuguegarao. The following day, Saturday, November 21, elements from the Philippine Army’s Civil-Military Operations Regiment were able to haul eighteen truckloads of water, clothes, and books courtesy of Don Bosco Press.

The following Monday and Tuesday, November 23 and 24, five more trucks gathered the remaining clothes and water, bringing the week-long relief operation to a close, and giving the Educative Pastoral Community the opportunity to rise up to the challenge of becoming Honest Citizens and Good Christians in this hour of need.

By Cl. Lorenzo Estrella, SDB

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    El Salvador – A new step forward for "Universidad Don Bosco"

    1 month 2 weeks ago

    (ANS - Soyapango) - The "Universidad Don Bosco" (UDB) has become the first Higher Education Institution in El Salvador to receive the international certification for the project design of the Internal Quality Assurance System in Formation, SIAC-UDB, based on the AUDIT Central America model.

    This certification was granted by the Central American Council for Accreditation of Higher Education (CCA) and by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), of Spain, in a virtual ceremony.

    The SIAC-UDB is articulated with the Institutional Model of Quality Management and takes as a reference nine dimensions that constitute a formation guarantee system, ensuring that the paths offered by the university develop according to accepted standards of academic performance and that the results are reflected in the profiles of the students.

    The dimensions assessed within the SIAC-UDB design certification process were: quality policies and objectives; design of the academic offer; development of teaching and other student-oriented actions; academic and teaching support staff; material resources and services; development of research within the formation process; university structures and surrounding social planning; analysis and use of results; public information and transparency.

    As part of its institutional commitment to continuous quality improvement, the UDB has joined, on a voluntary basis, the pilot project AUDIT Central America, promoted by the CCA in alliance with ANECA.

    The adequate implementation of SIAC shall lead to an overall improvement of the activities developed by the institution and will provide support to the accreditation processes of the programs and of the institution itself.

    With this international certification, UDB students and their parents are assured that the academic formation they receive meets the highest quality standards, which demonstrate that paths are established by real needs and that they provide a relevant response to an environment that requires changes and improvements in the quality of graduates.

    During the certification award ceremony, the Rector of the UDB, Bro. Mario Olmos, SDB, thanked the support received from the CCA and ANECA during the evaluation process and added that "receiving this certification is an incentive to continue with the improvement of educational quality, which we have been developing for many years."

    “It is an honor for us to receive this distinction,” he said in conclusion.

    Source: Boletín Salesiano (CAM)

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      Spain – "LET'S Play VET": learning based on experience

      1 month 2 weeks ago

      (ANS - Pamplona) - The "LET's Play VET" project is an innovative educational project that applies the "Playlist" learning methodology and is funded by the European Erasmus+ program. Six European institutions participate, including 3 Salesian Vocational Training Centers: in Bologna (Italy), Budapest (Hungary) and Pamplona (Spain). The other participating organizations are the Irish company "Badgecraft", which was responsible for implementing the platform that offers formation through "Playlist", the European Forum for Vocational Training in Belgium, "Efvet", in charge of disseminating the project, and the Italian company “Uniser”, responsible for student mobility in Italy and Spain.

      The "Playlist" methodology, a learning method used for years in the "LRNG" organization in the United States, consists of giving a group of people a learning experience with network resources, working individually or in groups, around a common theme. It is based on four pillars: Passion, to help students create connections between their interests, those of academia and business; Relationships, to help them share the same concerns with other peers; the creation of an attractive Final Product that can be presented in public, in exhibitions or virtually; and the Opportunities it generates, because in pursuing it the students create a Portfolio with their best creations, which are shared on social networks.

      The "Let's Play VET" project created and tested the platform to offer this type of training to VET students of the intermediate cycles of the three participating Salesian VETs.

      The students worked together in common projects, acquiring, through the “Playlist” methodology, new skills that were recognized through the interactive badge directly linked to their “Europass” European professional curriculum.

      On Wednesday 18 November the result of this project was presented to the Salesians of Pamplona. Miren Garate Llombart, head of the Graphic Arts Department of the Salesian institute, defined the project "very emotional, moving", and explained that "Covid-19 meant that some mobility activities were not carried out, but we were able to re-adapt ourselves."

      Fr Jorge Lanchas Rivero, Rector of the Salesian institute in Pamplona, observed: "In this institute, we are firmly convinced that pedagogical innovation makes technological innovation possible. This project is proof of that.”

      The presentation took place both in presence, in compliance with local regulations, and online, and the complete recording of the event is available online.

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        South Korea – Memorial prayer moment for Fr Trisolini (1937-2010)

        1 month 2 weeks ago
        South Korea – Memorial prayer moment for Fr Trisolini (1937-2010)

        (ANS – Seoul) – Ten years have passed since Fr John Trisolini went to heaven on 22 November 2010. So, the Salesian Cooperators Center in Seoul held a memorial prayer moment and Mass for Fr Trisolini (1937-2010) in Seoul SDB Provincial House with some Salesians and 20 Salesian Cooperators, amidst the precautions of this 2nd COVID19 wave.

        Fr Trisolini (Korean name: Do-Yohan) is considered one of the godfathers of the second generation of Korean Salesian Cooperators since 1976. He used to invite the Catholic faithful to meet at the (Thursday) confessional in Seoul’s Catholic Cathedral Church of Myong-dong, although he had never known them before.

        Some of them accepted his invitation for the Salesian Cooperator Aspirants encounter. In this way many from the Seoul City Center started their own vocation journey.

        Many of the members give a similar testimony: “At first, we didn’t know what Salesian Cooperators were all about and also our Catholic faith was too weak, but Fr John awakened us, opened our eyes to the Salesian spirit and Cooperator identity. He made us strong to live in the world with the heart of Jesus' disciples like Don Bosco. As our Center delegate, Fr Trisolini was always with us when we were exhausted in our daily life and had some family or faith problems.”

        He worked in the Labour Ministry Committee of Seoul Archdiocese. Many of the poor and suffering workers were his good friends. He worked for their rights and interests and was a spiritual leader for them. Since 1990 Fr. John held the regular lectures about the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church.

        Fr John Fitzgerald Trisolini (1937-2010) spent most of his life as a missionary in Korea, where he arrived in 1959, a few years after the end of the Korean war. He is most remembered for this preferential love for the working youth (esp. JOC - Young Christian Workers), contribution to the formation of the first generation of Korean Salesians and long term ministry within the Seoul Archdiocese - first for the Korean worker class, later for the numerous foreign migrant workers with other Salesian Family members and with other diocesan clergy.

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          Ethiopia – Salesian missionaries held incommunicado in Ethiopia after 20 days of war in the Tigray region

          1 month 3 weeks ago
          Ethiopia – Salesian missionaries held incommunicado in Ethiopia after 20 days of war in the Tigray region

          (ANS – Addis Ababa) – Three weeks without communication with the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia. Three weeks of violence and no news from the 25 Salesians who work in four presences in this area of the country: Mekelle, Adigrat, Shire and Adwa. Thousands of Ethiopians, many of them boys and girls, continue to cross the borders into Sudan to flee the violence.

          The Tigray Popular Liberation Front (TPLF) decided to hold the general elections postponed in the country due to the pandemic in September in the region. The central government, headed by Abiy Ahmed, considered them illegal and the Ethiopian prime minister declared war on this northern territory of the country on November 4 in response to the attack on an Army base, as the Federal Government says. The conflict has been internationalized by the refugee crisis it is generating and by the launch of a missile from Tigray to the capital of Eritrea.

          The situation of violence in the north of the country adds to the consequences of the pandemic, the plagues of locusts and the floods suffered in many areas of Ethiopia this year. “We are facing a very difficult time in the country. Confinement has caused many people to suffer from a lack of food, sanitary materials ... and now that schools were reopening their doors, the conflict between the federal government and that of the Tigray region complicates their survival and they are forced to flee to Sudan,” explains the Salesian who coordinates the Office of Planning and Development Office (PDO) in Ethiopia.

          International concern is now focused on the situation of the half a million people who live in the capital of Tigray. Also, in the undetermined number of victims that there are and in the more than 200,000 people who could cross the borders into Sudan in the coming days. The United Nations numbers hundreds of thousands of children in need of humanitarian aid in this Ethiopian region due to the lack of electricity, fuel, food, water and the cut off of land (any type of communication).

          Salesian missionaries arrived in Ethiopia in 1975 and first settled in the capital of Tigray, Makelle. There are 14 Salesian presences in the country, four of which are in the conflict region. In them, 25 Salesian missionaries directly serve more than 5,000 minors and young people in educational schools of all levels, technical institutes, youth centres and parishes, but indirectly also thousands of families whom they help and accompany.

          “We don't have any communication with our four northern communities: Adigrat, Adwa, Mekelle and Shire. We do not know their situation and we are very worried about our brothers. But also for the students, teachers, workers and all the children, young people and families that we serve,” says the Salesian who heads the PDO.

          The Salesians of the Bosco Children work in Addis Ababa also express their concern and desire for a peaceful solution. “We ask you for a prayer that common sense prevails and that those responsible reach a peaceful agreement. Already a lot of blood was spilled uselessly and too many people had to leave everything and flee to Sudan as refugees,” they say.

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            Czech Republic – “SADBA” starts new preparation course for volunteers

            1 month 3 weeks ago
            Czech Republic – “SADBA” starts new preparation course for volunteers

            (ANS - Prague) - An important part in the formation of volunteers is personal accompaniment, together with actual meetings with young people. The situation this year is not very favorable to these dynamics, why the Salesians of the Czech Republic have embraced the digital space with conviction.

            The "Cagliero" formation course for Czech Salesian mission volunteers, organized by the provincial association of missionary animation and voluntary service "SADBA", had already missed a first appointment, in October, due to the pandemic. So, in order not to miss another weekend, tactics were changed, and the training scheduled for November 20-22 was made online.

            Nelca, a young ex-volunteer and member of the team, says: “Fr Jaroslav Fogl, Salesian and Delegate for missionary animation of the Czech Republic Province, has almost set up a professional studio in the SADBA office. Helena Janikova, coordinator of Cagliero, examined it with her aesthetic eye and added some colored cloths and wooden giraffes, to create the right missionary ambiance.”

            On Friday evening, after a rather timid presentation of the participants and the course program, the "Cagliero" team had doubts about how many would reconnect the next day. They were surprised on Saturday morning to see that everyone had returned. And not only the volunteers in preparation, but also former volunteers.

            Theory alternated with volunteer practices, so, even if everyone was sitting in their room, thanks to photos and videos they immersed themselves in the realities of Papua New Guinea, India, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Mexico, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo. In groups, they reflected on who he or she really was and what characterizes a “Salesian mission volunteer”. They also got to know the structure of the Salesian Family.

            Furthermore, the volunteers had to present their surrounding environment and got involved thanks to the stimuli of the organizing team, who invited them, for example, to show the spiciest food they had at home or something they certainly would not find in Ecuador, for example.

            After the meeting, Helena Janikova shared her impressions: “Despite the initial shyness and uncertainty, we discovered that it is possible to recreate, at least partially, the right atmosphere through the waves of the Internet and have them reach right into the rooms of the volunteering candidates.”

            The 23 participants were also happy with the dynamics. One of them, Anna, evaluated the experience as follows: “I hope for a better tomorrow, but I keep telling myself that if we managed to create a nice atmosphere and a day full of information in this way, a personal meeting will certainly be a success!”

            For young Czech volunteers, the next appointment, which hopefully will be held in person, is scheduled for December. “At least now we all know that preparation for missionary service and accompaniment will proceed well in any case,” conclude the leaders of the formation team.


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              Argentina – Leave an imprint, in exchange for a smile

              1 month 3 weeks ago
              Argentina – Leave an imprint, in exchange for a smile

              (ANS - San Luis) - The Parents' Union (UPF, in Spanish) of the "Don Bosco" school in San Luis has carried out a solidarity campaign called "Leaving footprints in exchange for smiles", which has been extended over the months of September and October and which collected nearly 300 pairs of shoes for those who needed them. According to the promoters of the initiative, the collaboration and participation of the whole community made it possible to achieve the objectives and produced "immense joy".

              The delivery of shoes to the needy took place in the social refectory "Dejando Huellas" and at the refectory of the "Rincon de Luz" Foundation, both located in the southern area of ​​the city of San Luis.

              "My wife and I have been part of the UPF for five years, we enrolled in our son's first year of school. We were invited to participate and there I found a place to work for the good of this Salesian community where our children receive education and support," explains Diego Coronel, President of UPF and promoter of the campaign. During a visit to the soup kitchens of the city, the operators told him that, although there are many unmet needs, shoes are what is most needed. "There are children who don't have any kind of shoes, so they just walk around barefoot."

              UPF members received a list of names with matching sizes and started the campaign. The Union has worked for many years in the Salesian school. It is an association of volunteers that independently plans and carries out specific actions, as well as collaborating on events developed by the school. Every May, for example, it produces and distributes the traditional “Mary Help of Christians chocolate” for more than 700 students and parents.

              Diego hopes that these experiences also serve to pass on to his children "the values ​​that really matter, that of equality above all, empathy towards others, humility, respect, solidarity, commitment, work, effort, the value of friendship, gratitude always… And then let them do what makes them happy."

              Five years ago he and his wife joined the UPF out of a need: "Meeting people, children, entire families who have many needs, who are not far away, and helping them as much as possible, is something that fills my soul and enriches me spiritually. At the UPF I found a place to work and carry out these solidarity actions, and I do it with the conviction that this is the path and the teaching for my children."

              Source: Don Bosco Norte

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                Great Britain – The invitation of the Salesians for Advent 2020: "join our journey!"

                1 month 3 weeks ago

                (ANS - Bolton) - Starting next Saturday, 28 November, the eve of the first Sunday of Advent, the Salesians of Great Britain will share digitally, and not only, some stimuli and reflections in preparation for Christmas: the idea is propose a pilgrimage of the spirit, in these times that do not favor traditional pilgrimages. Presenting the initiative is the Salesian Fr Gerry O’Shaughnessy.

                Most of us are well acquainted with the concept of a 'pilgrimage'; many of us will have been to Rome, Lourdes, or the Holy Land on pilgrimage. We go for more than just a holiday: we journey with others to a Holy Place. In the Middle Ages, the tomb of St James in the Spanish town of Compostela was a popular pilgrimage centre; with no modern transport links, the pilgrims would have to reach their destination on foot, often taking weeks to get there.

                However, it is in the journeying that the real spirit of pilgrimage is found; pilgrims would take off from various locations across Europe and follow the ancient way or CAMINO. As we journey to what will certainly be a very different Christmas 2020, we invite you to join us on the Advent Camino, where we will offer a short reflection and prayer for each day.

                We have learnt a lot about our families, friends, and ourselves over these past few months of lockdown and challenge. We have had to re-imagine what it is to be Church and community and, while it has not always been easy, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

                As we make this Advent Camino together, let us continue to pray for each other and please contact us if you want special intentions mentioned. In this Camino, more than ever before in modern times, we are walking towards the loving embrace of God, the true light who comes to us at Christmas in the form of a child, with trust and wonder. Share that trust, share that wonder, as we share this Advent Way together.

                The reflections will be sent by e-mail, every Saturday, to all those who subscribe to the “Seasonal Reflection” newsletter. In addition, they will also be made available in a printable format, which can be shared with friends and family, who may not have access to email. The invitation, from the Salesians of Great Britain, is to share these reflections with those who do not have access to technology and for this reason, in these difficult times, they risk feeling even more isolated.

                Also, for those who have the opportunity, there will also be a retreat day for Advent, which will be held through the Zoom platform on 12 December.

                For more information, please consult the website.

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                  RMG – 25 November: Don Bosco’s Mother's memorial

                  1 month 3 weeks ago
                  RMG – 25 November: Don Bosco’s Mother's memorial

                  (ANS – Rome) – For the whole Salesian Family, the mother of Don Bosco is a shining icon, inspiration, model of apostolic life to follow. The Church through Pope Benedict XVI declared her Venerable in 2006 for having lived a life of heroic virtue. Every year on 25 November the Salesians of Don Bosco, in accordance with their General Regulations, celebrate a Mass for their departed parents on her anniversary day. Mamma Margaret passed away on 25 November 1856.

                  Margaret Occhiena was born in Capriglio (3 km from Becchi) in 1788 and died at Valdocco in 1856. She is also considered the 'First' Salesian Cooperator, and in many countries, the Salesian Cooperators have launched 'Mamma Margaret Workshops' to support the Salesian mission. In 1988 the 'Mamma Margaret Association' (Uruguay) was also founded for the parents of the Salesians of Don Bosco.

                  Her statue at Valdocco, blessed during the General Chapter 28 by the Rector Major, and a very inspiring point made by Pope Francis in his Message to GC28, offer us a good occasion to celebrate her anniversary this year with a special touch:

                  "What would have become of Valdocco without the presence of Mamma Margaret? Would your houses have been possible without this woman of faith? In some regions and places “there are communities that have long preserved and handed on the faith even though no priest has come their way, even for decades.

                  This could happen because of the presence of strong and generous women who, undoubtedly called and prompted by the Holy Spirit, baptized, catechized, prayed and acted as missionaries. For centuries, women have kept the Church alive in those places through their remarkable devotion and deep faith” (Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Querida Amazonia, 99).

                  Without a real, effective and affective presence of women, your works would lack the courage and the ability to transform presence into hospitality, into a home. Faced with the rigour that excludes, we must learn to generate the new life of the Gospel. I invite you to implement approaches in which the female voice, her outlook and her actions – appreciated for her individuality – finds an echo in making decisions; not simply as a helper but as someone fully involved in your presences." (Pope Francis)

                  This message of Pope Francis is a strong invitation for us Salesian to make some progress on the path with our lay mission partners, since a good number of them are contributing like Don Bosco's mother to the Salesian mission in all of our houses and works.

                  Source: AustraLasia

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                    Thailand – Resumption of prison ministry in Bangkok prisons

                    1 month 3 weeks ago
                    Thailand – Resumption of prison ministry in Bangkok prisons

                    (ANS - Bangkok) - For the past ten years the parish priest of the Salesian parish "Mary Help of Christians" in Bangkok and the members of the parish council have been animating pastoral activities with people in prisons, especially young prisoners. This mission is part of the pastoral plan of the local Church and is a work of mercy that is carried out on a fixed basis, every month. This year, for the first time, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, visits to prisoners have suffered a pause; but since the beginning of October the prison authorities have begun to allow visits again and pastoral work in prisons has started again.

                    The spread of the virus in Thailand, in fact, has lessened and this has allowed the Salesians to restart their activities. Usually, Fr Aaron Alcoseba, the parish priest, visits the three main detention centers every month: Thanyaburi, Min Buri and Pathum Thani.

                    The main purpose of the visits is to assist Catholic prisoners through formation and catechesis activities, and to offer the opportunity to approach the sacrament of Reconciliation, to participate in Mass or other liturgical services.

                    In recent weeks, prisoners who profess other religions - especially Buddhists and Muslims - have also decided to join the activities. They said they felt especially impressed by the way the formation is carried out.

                    All those who participate in the various initiatives receive a certificate of attendance, which entitles them to a reduction in the prison sentence. Also, there are also prisoners who, after having participated in the catechesis process, decide independently to receive Baptism.

                    Prison pastoral care is a ministry the spiritual Sons of Don Bosco in Thailand show great interest in. "Don Bosco was an example for us in visiting young people in prison and who are on the margins of society," they explain.

                    These pastoral activities, in fact, instill hope in those behind bars and offer them incentives to start a new phase in their lives. The Salesians argue, in fact, that if it is true that nothing can be done to remove what happened in the past, it is also true that the future is still to be written and that one can work for the prospect of a better tomorrow.

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                      Hong Kong – God is truly present in every culture

                      1 month 3 weeks ago
                      Hong Kong – God is truly present in every culture

                      (ANS - Hong Kong) - Fr Nicolas Chibueze, a young Nigerian Salesian, has been serving young people in need in Hong Kong since 2016. His personal experience, as a Christian, Don Bosco's spiritual son and missionary, led him to say bluntly: "God is truly present in every culture".

                      I grew up in a Christian family and in a mixed environment, religious and political, which influenced the fate of all young people. I was involved in the religious activities of the Church. My engagements during secondary education began to reveal the missionary call within me. As I listened with the help of my spiritual director, it became clearer that the Lord was calling me within my heart and from a distance. From that time, whatever desire arose in my heart was viewed through the lens of the zeal for the missions.

                      As a Salesian missionary in Hong Kong, I face a culture different from mine. The pains of communicating in Chinese threatens my sense of humour. The hierarchical structure of society which shapes human relationships and the exercise of authority is another challenge that I struggle with. This means that there is the danger of measuring human dignity based on social status and racial background. Young vocations coming to this kind of context may suffer vocational fragility since, sometimes, it is difficult to fit these cultural realities into the religious way of life.

                      There are more social tensions today than ever before. Our religious communities respond to this by prayer and discernment while exercising great caution not to get involved in partisan politics. Confronted with this reality, my religious life, especially its community aspect, faces a great challenge.We were recently hit by the pandemic of Covid-19 that is threatening human lives and has brought a halt to a lot of religious and social activities. Everyone is moving in fear, fear of the unknown. These challenges are rewriting the narrative of my missionary life and affecting the way we live in the community. Young people are not exempt from this. They are restricted from living out their youthful exuberance in a joyful way. Looking at all these, I ask myself whether it is God’s finger that is writing these lines.

                      Despite all this, I look back and still find some reasons to be joyful. I have come to appreciate the plurality of human life which forms a splendid mosaic of God’s image and how He manifests himself in every story, in every event. God is really present in every culture. God is present in the young people no matter how tiny a voice he speaks with. I have heard it myself in the life of the young people that I have shared my life with in this place. This is my deepest joy. This joy that I find among young people is a strength for me in all challenges. I bring these challenges and joys to God in prayer and I share them with the community. While in prayer God reveals His will directly; in sharing with the community He reveals his will through the confreres.

                      In conclusion, I feel that confreres who are discerning their missionary vocation are already listening to the voice of Jesus calling. They are happy because they do it in openness and without fear. Difficulties will come their way, but they shall find strength in the one and only missionary of God – Jesus Christ – in whom we share one mission for the salvation of the young.

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                        Gian Francesco Romano

                        Portugal – Primary school with Salesians of Mogofores: a dream comes true

                        1 month 3 weeks ago
                        Portugal – Primary school with Salesians of Mogofores: a dream comes true

                        (ANS - Mogofores) - "God wills, man dreams, the work is born ...". This brief, as it is profound, verse by the famous Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa well applies to the latest success of the Salesians of Mogofores: from the beginning of the new school year at the Salesian house - which already has a secondary school, various extracurricular activities, a parish and shrine – a primary school has also now been established.

                        "These first two months were lived with the joy and enthusiasm of those who welcome a new member of the family," testify the Salesians of the work. The atmosphere is experienced and shared throughout the work by pupils, parents, teachers, collaborators, and the Salesian community in a spirit of support, mutual help, affection, and guidance of the oldest towards the youngest.

                        "More than a project," say the religious, “it is the fulfillment of a dream made by a few, but fully lived by all."

                        Primary school activities are developing around an enthusiastic anthropology, entrusted to the mission of loving, learning and creating: "Listen. And be elevated!" is the inspiring motto.

                        Salesians and lay educators are committed to loving and challenging children to develop their potential to their utmost and they work in the logic of it being a project, of a collaborative and cooperative group, where the common element is fraternal love, where the sadness of one is the sadness of all, where the success of one is the success of everyone.

                        In constant dialogue with the children's parents, the spiritual Sons of Don Bosco try to form autonomous children, intervening in their teaching and learning process, so that they are architects of their knowledge and available to collaborate with others in the elaboration of meanings. Every day decisions are made with love and for love, trying to stimulate critical thinking and to evaluate things in a constructive, dynamic and positive way.

                        We want children who are fair and just for a fair, just world, say the Salesians of Mogofores.

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                          Gian Francesco Romano

                          Italy – Sign of hope in Scandicci: semi-residential community for minors "Michele Magone"

                          1 month 3 weeks ago

                          (ANS - Scandicci) - On Friday 13 November, in memory of Salesian Blessed Artemide Zatti, the Salesian community of Scandicci, just outside Florence, opened a semi-residential community for young people: in times of closures, a good sign of openness to the city and the territory.

                          Two years of reflection, discernment, study, the involvement of many people and professions, work and choices, and now it has finally started. "We've come a long way together with the whole educational team. There is the community that has always supported us, we have several volunteers ready to make themselves available to these young people, the members of the association 'La Melagrana' …," said the Director of the Scandicci work, Fr Giorgio Mocci, in a video.

                          For all this time, Don Bosco's famous phrase has been the guide, beacon and horizon of this journey's progress: "In each of these young people, even the most unfortunate, there is a point accessible to good. The task of an educator is to find that sensitive chord and make it vibrate."

                          The satisfaction for having started this path is now great. "'We're here' is the phrase that recurs most in the messages, in the calls, in the meetings we have had in recent days. And 'we're here' means 'being there', in a full, essential way, it means 'staying' ... to embrace, to meet, to smile, to cry, to talk, to listen," says Yuna Kashi Zadeh, President of the association “La Melagrana Aps”, which has always collaborated in the prevention and support activities for the families of the Salesian house.

                          The semi-residential community, located in a true and proper house, began its activities by opening its doors to the first four young people. In total, however, it will be able to accommodate up to 18 young people a day, males and females, aged 6 to 14, sent by the local social services or by the association itself. It will be open from Monday to Friday from 1 pm to 7 pm. All with a very specific goal: fostering relationships and fraternity.

                          Looking to Don Bosco, inserted in the educational framework of the Preventive System, the Salesians of Scandicci, with all the collaborators in the mission, start with this new and stimulating project. And while many close, they open.

                          "For us it is important to start this work of being close to children, especially those most in difficulty. We Salesians are here, in Scandicci, as we are in the whole world, for this reason: to be signs and bearers of God's love for young people," concludes Fr Mocci.

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