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Belgium - Salesians present new integrated model of reception, social integration, vocational training paths

1 month 1 week ago
Belgium - Salesians present new integrated model of reception, social integration, vocational training paths

(ANS - Brussels) - "Salesians for the Social Aps", "Cnos-Fap Federation" and "VIS-International Voluntary Service for Development", three Salesian bodies, were able to present their innovative approach in terms of reception and integration during the final conference: "Private sponsored safe and legal passage" of the "Humanitarian Corridors" project which took place on December 4 in Brussels.

This model foresees a pre-departure path of formation with Italian courses, civic culture and cohabitation norms related to the future reception context, and post-arrival vocational training courses, to favor social and professional integration.

Then, to trace the paths of autonomy, the young refugees welcomed were accompanied by their educators in learning the Italian language, in entering the school system, in vocational training courses and internships, with legal and psycho-pedagogical assistance and through the construction of a personalized educational project.

The young people were also involved in activities of socialization, volunteering, and had the full support of the local community, volunteers and families.

So far this model has been applied experimentally in two centers in Sicily, the "San Gregorio" Institute in Catania, and the "Don Bosco 2000" Association, welcoming a total of 15 young refugees from Eritrea, Ethiopia and from South Sudan.

A successful case study of this model is Michele Tewelde, a 23-year-old Eritrean who has been attending the mechanics school of the Salesian Vocational Training Center in Catania since April. After escaping from his country, he met the operators of the Community of Sant'Egidio and was able to leave for Italy. On arriving in Rome, he was welcomed by a group of volunteers from the "Don Bosco 2000" association, a "VIS" branch and belonging to "Salesians for the Social APS", with which he left for Catania, to begin, alongside other refugees, his new life in Italy, at the Colonia Don Bosco

“During my stay at the Colonia Don Bosco I helped out in the kitchen, I participated in meetings with young people to present my story and in Lent I participated in a Eucharistic celebration where the priest involved so many migrant children for the time of the washing of the feet. I also met many young university students of my age who are not opposed to welcoming migrants and I felt encouraged," he says.

He loves sports and started playing in a soccer team in February. "For now this is my story and I hope I can have other nice things to tell," he concludes.

The European project "Humanitarian Corridors" has its roots in the Humanitarian Corridors created in collaboration with and by various Christian organizations, Catholic and Protestant, in the two-year period 2016-2017. They are addressed to persons potentially entitled to international protection and in vulnerable conditions (as defined by the European Directive 2013/33 of 26 June 2013).

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    RMG – Provincials of Brazilian Provinces of Campo Grande and Porto Alegre appointed

    1 month 1 week ago
    RMG – Provincials of Brazilian Provinces of Campo Grande and Porto Alegre appointed

    (ANS - Rome) - Yesterday, 10 December, as part of the winter plenary session of the General Council, the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, with the agreement of his Council, appointed the Provincials of the Brazil-Campo Grande Provinces (BCG) and Brazil-Porto Alegre (BPA) for the six-year term (2020-2026). These are, respectively, Fr Ricardo Carlos and Fr Gilson Marcos da Silva.

    Fr Ricardo Carlos was born in São Bernardo do Campo, in the State of São Paulo, on February 6, 1974. He entered the Salesian novitiate in Dourados, in Indápolis, in 1993, made his first religious vows on January 31, 1994, and perpetual vows on 30 January, 2000, and was ordained a priest at Piacatu on 8 December, 2001.

    In the "Dom Bosco" community of Campo Grande, he served as Vicar (2003-2007), Economer (2004-2009) and finally Director (2007-2013). Then, after spending two years at the "Ratisbonne" International Theological Studentate in Jerusalem, Israel, he was Economer of the community of the Catholic University Dom Bosco (UCDB) of Campo Grande, and since 2016, at the same community, he serves as Director.

    Between 2009 and 2013 he was also Provincial Councilor, a post he resumed in 2016 and which he still maintains.

    Fr Ricardo Carlos will succeed Fr Gildásio Mendes at guiding the BCG Province.

    Fr Gilson Marcos da Silva was born in Rio do Sul, State of Santa Catarina, on 28 August, 1975; he entered the Salesian novitiate in Curitiba in 1994, made his first religious vows on 22 January, 1995, and perpetual vows on 18 November, 2000. He was ordained a priest in his hometown on 15 December, 2002.

    He worked as Vicar in the community of Viamão (2003-2005), then as Director of the novitiate in Curitiba (2005-2008) and as Director and parish priest in Joinville (2008-2011). After spending two years at the Salesian Pontifical University (UPS) in Rome, he returned to the Province and served as Vicar of the "São José" house in Porto Alegre and then as Director of the Provincial House (from 2014 to present).

    At the provincial level, he was Delegate for Vocational Animation (2013-2017) and Delegate for Youth Ministry (2015-2019). He is currently Provincial Vicar (assignment entrusted to him in 2014) and Delegate for Formation (since 2015).

    Fr Gilson Marcos da Silva will succeed Fr Asídio Deretti in the guidance of the BPA Province.

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      Ethiopia – "Don Bosco Center" of Mekanissa: home for the most needy children

      1 month 1 week ago

      (ANS - Addis Ababa) - Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, is a city in great turmoil with plenty of of construction sites, buildings, commercial activities ... But there is also another Addis Ababa, of the outskirts, where the poorer population lives. In Mekanissa, one of these districts is the "Don Bosco Center."

      It is here that Bro. Donato Galetta, a Salesian coadjutor and missionary, has been welcoming the smallest and the poorest for 30 years. They are street children who are from 2 to 15 years old and who live in a state of extreme poverty. The Salesians welcome about 400 of them, offering them food, health and education.

      Above all, food: all the 400 children who are beneficiaries of the Center enjoy daily lunch and about forty of them, mainly orphans, also have dinner. Food security means cooking food with care, but here in Mekanissa it means first and foremost offering food to those who have none and cannot afford it, fighting malnutrition and undernourishment.

      To guarantee everyone a meal, for the past two years the Salesians have had to renounce the purchase of meat, which in Ethiopia has prohibitive costs. This allows missionaries to buy the food they require for their annual needs while keeping costs down.

      Health, too, is a concern: at the "Don Bosco Center", there is a small medical dispensary, managed by a nurse, thanks to which the Salesians are able to guarantee first aid, routine health check ups and the constant supply of all the necessary medicines.

      In the field of health security, missionaries have several other activities at heart, such as giving the opportunity to take a hot shower and provide girls with sanitary napkins on a monthly basis, in order to avoid illness and infections: what is taken for granted elsewhere is a luxury in Mekanissa.

      And finally, but certainly not least important, there is education: all children and young people receive a school uniform and the school material they need: textbooks, notebooks, pens and pencils. For older children who attend vocational training courses, the Salesians also bear the costs of transport to school. The missionaries also pay the school fees of all the center's children and young people.

      Their education is considered, like food and health, one of the pillars on which the Project is founded to ensure these children, who come from situations of extreme poverty, a different future.

      There are many street children and youngsters in Ethiopia. The Salesians cannot follow them all, but thanks to the solidarity of many benefactors they do their utmost for all those who manage to reach them, trying to make them grow healthy, robust and above all loved.

      Further information on 

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        India – “BOSCOM” reflects on Effective Communication of Gospel Values Through Media

        1 month 1 week ago
        India – “BOSCOM” reflects on Effective Communication of Gospel Values Through Media

        (ANS – Dimapur) – The BOSCOM South Asia General Assembly met for a 3-day Seminar and Workshop on “Effective Communication of Gospel Values through Social Media” at Dimapur, Nagaland. Salesians from India, Sri Lanka, East Africa, FMA sisters, Scholastics of Good Shepherd Seminary, students from St. Joseph's University Dimapur participated at the event. This General Assembly commemorated 25 years of BOSCOM communicating Jesus the Don Bosco way.

        Shri K D Vizo, Principal Secretary IT and Power Department, Government of Nagaland, delivered the keynote address on the theme saying, “it is our duty to influence and inspire people to live Gospel values through media platforms, especially during challenging times of developing AI technology.” He also donated a generous sum of Rs. 50, 000 towards defraying of the seminar expenses.

        Father Filiberto González, General Councillor for Social Communication, sent a message for the gathering in which he called for quality transformation through effective information and animation. Fr Maria Arokiam Kanaga, the South Asia Regional Councillor, in his message appreciated the service rendered by all the delegates, Fr Earnest Rosario, BOSCOM South Asia Delegate, and Fr K. M. Jose Provincial in charge of BOSCOM.

        Fr Eugene Florence, BOSCOM Secretary, and Fr Jonas Kerketta, Dimapur Delegate for Social Communication, coordinated the entire proceedings with pertinent sessions on Print Media and Evangelization; Radio for Communicating Gospel Values; Music as an effective means of Gospel Value Communication; Films as Media for Socio-Religious Values; Social Media and Gospel Value Dissemination and Short Films as Peer Value Communication, by eminent media practitioners from Nagaland, most of whom were Don Bosco alumni/past pupils.

        The report presentations of each Province, discussion of future BOSCOM projects with Fr K M Jose, and animated visits to various Salesian Institutes in and around Dimapur enriched the fellowship, strengthened bonding, enlivening the wintry spell of early sunsets.

        Source: Don Bosco India

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          RMG – "Energy Forever". Salesian institutions publish their Final Declaration

          1 month 1 week ago

          (ANS - Rome) - At the end of the international Salesian conference on clean, renewable green energy, entitled "Energy Forever" - Rome, November 26-27 - representatives of various NGOs, Mission Offices and Salesian institutions of around 20 countries from all over the world, led by the Congregation's Economer General, Salesian Brother Jean Paul Muller, and by the General Councilor for the Missions, Fr Guillermo Basañes, drew up and signed a final Declaration, which contains specific commitments on the protection of Creation in terms of care of and for the "common home" that the Salesian world fully feels its own, and not just from today.

          “For our young people, it is a matter of their very survival,” says Bro Jean Paul Muller, the Economer General of the Salesians, speaking of climate change. Since many years, the Salesian Congregation has been conscious of the problem of the environment. The movement named DON BOSCO GREEN ALLIANCE worked on this theme at the educational and awareness level. The Institutions and Provinces adopted concrete practices that reduce pollution, promote recycling and encourage the use of solar energy. The encyclical, Laudate Sì added impetus to our work in this line.

          And that is why last November, the Economer General's Office and the Sector for the Missions promoted the "Energy Forever" conference on green, clean and renewable energy.

          “The timing of the conference is perfect,” says Fr Basanes, “as the topic is in perfect harmony with the theme of General Chapter 28 – Which Salesian for the youth of today?” This conference, named ‘ENERGY FOREVER’, concluded in Rome on 27 November 2019 with a statement requesting the entire congregation to give ‘Climate Emergency’, as Pope Francis calls it, the urgent attention that our young people want us to.

          This final statement or appeal of the conference can be found on this website, in EnglishItalian and Spanish.

          A record of the vast amount of work already being done by the Congregation in the field of renewable energy also can be found here.

          More information about the vast movement DON BOSCO GREEN ALLIANCE (which now has over 200 Salesian institutions as members) can be found at 

          For more information about the conference and/or the resources shared at the conference, write to 

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            India – Collaboration between tea producers and Salesians to prevent female trafficking

            1 month 1 week ago
            India – Collaboration between tea producers and Salesians to prevent female trafficking

            (ANS - Siliguri) - During a conversation between the well-known entrepreneur Mr Rajah Banerjee, of the renowned company "Rimpaocha Tea" based in Siliguri, and the Campus Minister of the Salesian Institute of Sonada, Fr C.M. Paul, an "Industry-College Partnership" was established and ratified, a partnership aimed at benefiting the vocational training of adolescent females in the area who are at risk of exploitation.

            This agreement shall offer high-level vocational training to the region's adolescents and young people, who will thus be more aware of their qualities and more resources and opportunities to reject the deceptive lure of traffickers.

            "'Education and skill training is the only solution, to prevent them [girls] from falling easy prey to stalking flesh traders who lure the unsuspecting girls with false promises of quick bucks and better future outside,'' says Salesian College Principal Dr. (Fr.) George Thadathil.

            The Salesian College, founded in 1938 and located in the village of Gorabari, 2 km from the town of Sonada and at an altitude of almost 2,000 meters above sea level, has more than 95% of the student population from the hills of Darjeeling, a region known throughout the world for the quality of its tea leaves.

            In the District of Darjeeling, there are currently 83 tea farms covering an area of about 19,000 hectares; they provide stable employment to over 52,000 people.

            In addition to the typical problem of migration from rural regions, and to the dangers of trafficking in girls, another element that affects educational opportunities for young people is the low wages of the sector's workers.

            The NGOs working to prevent trafficking estimate that ''over 400 girls are trafficked every year from tea gardens, mostly those that have stopped functioning.'' Traffickers, in fact, first look for their victims where hunger and poverty are higher, and not where businesses are stable and there are more opportunities for higher education and health facilities.

            For his part, Mr. Banerjee, belonging to a dynasty of tea growers, the first to start tea cultivation in Darjeeling, besides being committed to training young women, is among the pioneers of sustainable agriculture in the region.

            "Rimpocha is not just tea," explains Banerjee, "but a philosophy of life which stands on five pillars of sustainability: healthy soil, economically-empowered women, biodynamic compost and fuel from the holy cow, fair price and trade for marginalized growers and technological assistance for direct marketing of their produce."

            Source: Don Bosco India

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              Italy - XXIII Formation Course in Missionary Pastoral Care concludes

              1 month 1 week ago
              Italy - XXIII Formation Course in Missionary Pastoral Care concludes

              (ANS - Rome) - A group of 34 missionaries from all over the world - 13 Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, 2 Franciscan Sisters and 19 Salesians of Don Bosco – have participated in the XXIII Formation Course in Missionary Pastoral. The last stop is in the footsteps of Jesus in Jerusalem.

              The missionaries arrived from India, Congo, Cambodia, Argentina, Syria, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the Philippines and Brazil. Some were part of the 150th Salesian Missionary Expedition and thus received the Missionary Cross on September 29 last, in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians. In one way or another, these months of reflection and deepening served to keep alive the words of Pope Francis: "We are missionaries of an outgoing Church ... In fact we are mission, as the Church is mission."

              The three-month formation course held at the Salesian Pontifical University (UPS) in Rome began with the study of the sources of the Salesian charism at Valdocco and Mornese.

              It was not just an experience of deepening missionary, theological, pastoral and ecclesial themes, but "an experience of profound spirituality with the Spiritual Exercises in the Fraternal Domus of Sacrofano that spontaneously invited us to prayer and depth," declared Sister Liliane Kaputo, FMA, who attended the course.

              During the various weeks, the participants had the opportunity to go as pilgrims to Rome and to some important places where great spiritual figures were born and lived, such as Assisi (St Frances), Siena (St Caterina) and Subiaco (St Benedict). "The pilgrimage not only motivated us, but also invited us to enter into communion with these great saints of the Church. Visiting the Catacombs of San Callisto, walking in the footsteps of St. Paul and visiting the excavations of the Tomb of St. Peter in the Vatican have allowed us to enter into harmony with a Church of martyrs, a minority Church, an outgoing Church," continues the religious.

              The course participants were also close to Pope Francis in a Wednesday hearing. "We could feel him so closely, feel ourselves in deep communion with him and feel obliged, solicited and even sent forth as missionaries."

              All the participants confirm that it was a moment of spiritual richness and missionary renewal, thanks to over 200 hours of formation, with the participation of experts from various important topics for missionary commitment.

              "There are still many challenges, but we are sure that after this time of formation, reflection and prayer, we will be able to leave with more enthusiasm and trust in God. All of us are mission," concludes Sister Kaputo.

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                East Timor – Creative ways to foster the EAO missionary cultures

                1 month 1 week ago
                East Timor – Creative ways to foster the EAO missionary cultures

                (ANS – Dili) – When you contemplate the whole “missionary culture landscape” in the East Asia-Oceania (EAO) provinces, you may give thanks for the wonderful creativity of different ways of fostering the missionary interest of Salesians, Youth and Lay Mission Partners. Here some clues:

                • Missionary Month is already established in some provinces: AUL, CIN province
                • Missionary exhibit is again on the move: FIN province shows the way
                • Missionary volunteer group or movement is making impact on the whole province: AUL, FIS, VIE provinces
                • Extensive use of the web and social media for spreading the missionary witnesses: All 12 EAO provinces
                • Missionary becomes the image of the whole province: Fr. John Lee Memorial Center in Busan, Korea
                • Growing synergy of Mission Animation with the PDO or Mission offices (fundraising): VIE, AUL, KOR, GIA provinces
                • Missionary formation and accompaniment of the missionary ad gentes: VIE (3 months intense course before departure)
                • Consistent translations and spread of Cagliero11 as the effective tool of missionary culture (CIN, GIA, INA, KOR, THA, TLS, VIE)
                • Salesian Mission Day or Month 2019 has produced many new materials, experiences and tools for animation: All 12 EAO provinces.

                Last November Dili, East Timor, has hosted the annual Meeting of the Delegates of Missionary Animation in the EAO Region; and aside from the usual annual report on the progress of Missionary Animation in each province, the Delegates discussed the 'Handbook of Salesian Missionary Animation' (ed 2017), Salesian Missionary Volunteering (ed. 2019) as well the fruits of the recent Extraordinary Mission Month (October 2019) promoted by Pope Francis in the whole Catholic world. These institutional documents are an effective help for the building of the missionary culture with clear goals, methods.

                In their reports the Delegates also shared a wide range of challenges that are connected to external influence (e.g. diminishing number of long term missionary volunteers) or to the internal Salesian culture (e.g. lack of synergy with other sectors - mainly Formation, SC or Youth Ministry; multitasking of the Delegate; the lack of an established consistent provincial team for Mission Animation (including SDB, Youth and Lay); exploring the most effective ways of reaching each local community (visit from the Delegate, missionary theme for one monthly recollection every year); some resistance to promoting missionary vocation ad gentes etc.

                On the last day of the meeting, the Delegates with their Coordinator will discern the most relevant resolutions for next 12 month of their ministry.

                Missionary Animation reports 2019

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                  Italy – "Don Bosco wanted to come here!" Don Bosco mural inaugurated

                  1 month 1 week ago

                  (ANS - Foggia) - On the day when Mary Immaculate is celebrated and the birth of the Salesian oratory is commemorated, in the city of Foggia, in the outlying district of Candelaro, the large mural representing Don Bosco, by Jorit, the famous street artist, was inaugurated.

                  Used, as planned, on Saturday 7 December for the last scenes of the Rector Major's Strenna for 2020 - thanks to the collaboration of many young extras - the work was inaugurated at the end of the morning Mass on Sunday 8, presided by Fr Angelo Santorsola, Superior of the “Blessed Michael Rua” Province of Southern Italy (IME).

                  The ceremony was attended by a large crowd of faithful, many youth from the oratory and many inhabitants of the neighborhood. First, a brief artistic representation animated by the youngsters took place, then followed the traditional Marian circle - the Salesian custom of reciting a prayer to Mary on the feast of the Immaculate Conception by forming a large circle, in memory of the birth of the oratory; then followed the final blessing-inauguration of the great work of art.

                  There were also official speeches. "Don Bosco feels at home in this neighborhood, because it is a neighborhood populated by young people and where there are young people, he is there. Young people are the present, to cultivate, to welcome, to help grow. The commitment of the Salesians is to bring out the beauty that every young person has in himself," said Fr Santorsola.

                  The event was also attended by Fr Filiberto González, General Councilor for Social Communication, and the General Bursar of the Congregation, Salesian Brother Jean Paul Muller, who came from Rome specifically to represent the Salesian General Directorate, which commissioned the work; and the mayor of Foggia, dr. Franco Landella.

                  "Don Bosco wanted to come here," reiterated Fr González, also underscoring the opportunity of the Saint's portrait being among the youth of the popular or working classes. Then, also in reference to the feast of Mary Immaculate, he stressed that to educate the young of Foggia the Salesians do not feel alone, but know rather that they can count on families and, especially, on mothers.

                  Brother Muller highlighted the mural's message of hope, that is that in the end good is stronger than evil and violence. To this end, he emphasized the particularity of this work, which, contrary to Jorit's traditional style, does not feature a dark background from which the subject's face emerges by contrast, but in this case we have a colored background, of red and blue, which serves to place Don Bosco halfway between earth and Heaven.

                  Finally, the Mayor of Foggia, who worked very hard to ensure that the mural could be created in a short time, thanked the Salesians for choosing his city for this art work, expressing how this monument redevelops and requalifies the entire district.

                  {gallery}Italia - Inaugurazione murale 2019{/gallery}

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                    Spain – "Malaga is a good land to establish our style, Don Bosco wants this place": 125 years of Salesian presence

                    1 month 1 week ago

                    (ANS - Malaga) - "Being in Malaga is like being in another Valdocco. We must thank Don Bosco and his Mother for having shaped this dream," said the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime on the occasion of the celebration of 125 years of Salesian presence in Malaga.

                    In recalling the history of the Salesians' arrival in the city, the premonitory words of Fr Michele Rua, the First Successor of Don Bosco at the head of Congregation, came to mind. "Malaga is a good land to establish our style, Don Bosco wants this place and a great future starts here."

                    The Salesians have been present in Malaga since 1894. The 19th century was difficult for the city: economic regression, misery, illiteracy and social upheaval were the predominant features. As soon as they arrived, the Salesians brought their educational and pedagogical style and took care of the "San Bartolomé" school, whose first Director was Fr Epifanio Salvatore Fumagalli. Another important event for this city was the canonical coronation of the statue of Mary Help of Christians, the first to be performed in Spain and the fourth in the world.

                    After the civil war, the Salesians quickly began reconstruction work. New pavilions, new church, new workshops, which formed the current and modern institute, which houses about 1,300 students.

                    There were celebrations and thanks to God given during the past weekend, with the participation of Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, Rector Major of the Salesians.

                    On Saturday 7 December, the act of welcome to the Rector Major, accompanied by his Secretary, Fr Horacio López, by Fr Ángel Asurmendi, Superior of the “Spain-Mary Help of Christians” Province, Fr Antonio Gil, Director, and with the representatives of the groups of the Salesian Family. "We enjoyed an intimate, familiar and emotional moment. 'It's forbidden to complain', he told us and invited us to continue dreaming and keeping the Salesian charism alive in our home," participants said.

                    Two important moments marked the 125th anniversary celebration. One was the festive celebration in the grand Cervantes Theater, one of the city's oldest, where "Don Bosco, the musical" was represented - a work that gives an account of the brilliant insights born from the pedagogical anxiety of the dreamer and great Piedmontese educator; the second, the celebration of the solemn closing Mass of the anniversary.

                    "The most important thing is the Salesian charism of this house. It is the Salesian life that is lived and breathed in these 125 years of Salesian presence in Malaga. I invite you to continue dreaming like Don Bosco," said the Rector Major.

                    {gallery}SPAGNA MALAGA 125 anni{/gallery}

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                      RMG – A completely new digital oratory: "" website renewed

                      1 month 1 week ago

                      (ANS - Rome) - Starting yesterday, 8 December, the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary and the anniversary of the birth of the Salesian oratory, the Salesian Congregation has a totally renewed institutional website: the address has remained the same - - but the inside of this vast "digital oratory" has been deeply rearticulated.

                      In the long renewal process, which has lasted almost two years, and strongly supported by the General Councilor for Social Communication, Fr Filiberto González, three fundamental principles were followed: first, to recover and reorganize as best as possible the vast contents of the institutional website to allow maximum usability. It is a site that boasts nearly 25 years of history (it started in 1995), which has reached its sixth edition and has about 18,000 pages.

                      Secondly, it is a site that wants to clearly emphasize the Congregation's global vision: several specific tools, such as the map of Salesian presences or the focus on some peculiar works, serve precisely to transmit and spotlight the dimension and the reach of Salesian works across the globe.

                      Finally, it was developed with a gaze to the future: the site's development was carried out in the perspective of the continuous and ongoing “Digital Transformation”, thinking, that is, to favor as much as possible, the personalized use of the tools at hand, compatibility of systems, ease of use and sharing.

                      In addition to these general principles, the site's developers worked on three operational guidelines: use a very modern language as regards graphics and presentation; represent a "digital oratory" open to all Salesians and to those who share the charism; and pursue maximum simplicity and intuitiveness, both graphically and functionally.

                      "In three to four clicks at most it is possible to arrive at the desired resource," explained Br. Hilario Seo, SDB, the site webmaster.

                      The work of renewal of the site, coordinated by Br. Seo, was created in collaboration with the Spanish web development agency "DOSATIC" and with the Social Communication Delegates of the Salesian Provinces and Vice Provinces throughout the world.

                      The site is available in six languages and, of course, is still in the phase of growth and implementation and, above all, as regards the enhancement and completion of sections such as the presentation of Salesian houses and centers, their location on the map, the data on the Provinces ... which will require the active collaboration of many Salesians present in the different local realities.

                      To collaborate, you can send an email to: 

                      Almost 25 years after its first launch, continues to be a digital oratory open to all.

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                        RMG - Rector Major's 2020 missionary appeal

                        1 month 1 week ago
                        RMG - Rector Major's 2020 missionary appeal

                        (ANS - Rome) - December 8, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, is the date chosen by the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, to make the customary missionary appeal addressed to the entire Congregation.

                        At the beginning of the video of the missionary appeal for 2020, which comes a few months after the 150th Missionary Expedition, the Rector Major shows what he himself calls "a real jewel": the book which holds the name of every Salesian confrere who has left as missionary over the years. Holding this precious book, Fr Á.F. Artime makes his appeal, "an enthusiastic missionary appeal and with a strong conviction."

                        "This is our reality and this is also the identity of our Congregation," the Rector Major tells us. "You know that Don Bosco carried a great missionary passion in his heart." And in the light of this passion, the Successor of Don Bosco addresses the Provinces, his confreres, the whole Congregation, so that they may always be generous and never give up listening to the Lord.

                        The complete video is available in the different channels, divided by language, of ANSChannel.

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                          Virginia Nitto

                          RMG - Appointment of new Provincial of South Argentina: Fr. Ramón Darío Perera

                          1 month 1 week ago
                          RMG - Appointment of new Provincial of South Argentina: Fr. Ramón Darío Perera

                          (ANS - Rome) - On the day of the commemoration of Blessed Philip Rinaldi, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, Rector Major, with the General Council's consensus, appointed Fr Ramón Darío Perera as the new Provincial of South Argentina (ARS), for the period 2020-2026.

                          Fr Perera was born in the city of Victorica on 7 December 1964. He is the son of Jesús María Perera and María Rita Pereira. He studied at the "San Juan Bosco" Institute in Victorica and participated in the parish's association activities, such as the Argentine Catholic Action in Mallín.

                          Fr Perera made his Religious Profession as Salesian of Don Bosco in the Basilica "Sagrado Corazón" of La Plata on 31 January 1985. He is professor of Philosophy and Educational Sciences with orientation in Youth Ministry (1987), and has a Baccalaureate in Theology.

                          On 16 April 1994 he was ordained a priest in the parish of "Nuestra Señora de la Merced" in Victorica. From February 1995 until February 1997, he was in charge of pastoral care and director of the Del Valle agricultural engineering school (province of Buenos Aires). During 1997, he worked as a formator in the post-novitiate and later in Del Valle as director in 1998.

                          In 2000 he was responsible for pastoral work of the "Sagrado Corazón" center of La Plata and from 2001 to 2005 director of the "Domingo Savio" of Santa Rosa, capital of the province of La Pampa.
                          In the former La Plata province, he was coordinator of the Provincial Team of Schools (1996-1999), formator of theology students (1999), Provincial Councilor (2002-2005) and Provincial Vicar (2006-2009).

                          In 2010, with the beginning of the Province of “Blessed Ceferino Namuncurá, South Argentina, he was Provincial Vicar (2010-2012), Provincial Councilor and director of the Salesian agrotechnical school of Del Valle (2013-2018). In 2019, he became the director and pastor of the Salesian community "La Piedad" in the city of Bahía Blanca.

                          The appointment as new Provincial will take place on 4 February 2020 in the Shrine "Nuestra Señora de las Nieves y Laura Vicuña" of Junín de los Andes, in the presence of Fr Natale Vitali, Councilor for the America South Cone Region.

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                            Jesus Jurado

                            Spain – Ordinary people with extraordinary abilities: International Volunteer Day

                            1 month 2 weeks ago
                            Spain – Ordinary people with extraordinary abilities: International Volunteer Day

                            (ANS - Madrid) - Today, Thursday 5 December, International Volunteer Day is being celebrated. The Salesian Family wants to focus on this day, given that volunteering is one of the driving forces behind the activities it carries out.

                            The Salesian Family commemorates the International Day of Volunteering as a large number of volunteers all over the world collaborate with the youth-center oratories, in social platforms and in parishes, in missionary volunteer programs, as in youth and ecclesial movements.

                            To celebrate this day, for example, the "RECONOCE" program, promoted by the Confederation of Youth Centers "Don Bosco" of Spain, has proposed to flood the social networks with photographs that bear witness to the importance of volunteering. The idea is that each volunteer uploads a photo of him/herself with the hashtag #PersonasCorrientesConHabilidadesExtraordinarias and thus give "faces" to this day of celebration, December 5 (# 5D).

                            In 1985 the UN proclaimed this international day to give recognition to the work and dedication of all those who work as volunteers, as well as to all the organizations that support them. Volunteering allows individuals and communities to participate in their own growth and that of societies.

                            "RECONOCE" is a project led by the Confederation of Don Bosco Youth Centers of Spain, in collaboration with the "Didania" Federation and the "ASDE" Scouts of Spain, who decided to work together to highlight the experience of volunteering in the sector of educational leisure time, to make the business world and society in general aware of the skills acquired through volunteering and to improve the employment opportunities of young people. Just these three youth organizations, together, have about 15,000 volunteers throughout Spain ...

                            The Confederation of Don Bosco Youth Centers of Spain currently consists of 9 Federations that operate in 14 Autonomous Communities and which, in turn, comprise 126 youth centers. It has around 3,521 volunteers and 127 people who work full-time with contracts, all of whom serve around 66,000 people in various programs and initiatives.

                            Updates, with all the news of the project, are available at the website:

                            Furthermore, every year the volunteer platform of Spain, to which the Salesian organizations belong, publishes a poster around the celebration of this #5D; this time, with the slogan: "Volunteering and Planet" related to the 25th United Nations conference on climate changes (COP25) underway in Madrid.

                            Last week, the organizations of the Salesians and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians presented their proposals for the care of this common house through the Campaign: "Ponte en verde por el futuro de los jóvenes" (Go green for the future of young people.)

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                              Gian Francesco Romano

                              Brazil – Donations of clay filters alleviate suffering of Xavante natives in Campinapolis

                              1 month 2 weeks ago
                              Brazil – Donations of clay filters alleviate suffering of Xavante natives in Campinapolis

                              (ANS - Campinápolis) - About 9,000 people, all of them Xavante, live in the 180 villages served by the Campinapolis Missionary Ministry.  In that region, in the eastern part of the State of Mato Grosso, the rainy season is in progress, which relieves the intense heat and brings other benefits to the vegetation, but also causes health problems to the local population.

                              Nurse Géssyca Santiago is the head of indigenous health in the village "Cuerpo de Cristo", where about 100 people live, and she has detected a serious health problem. "We have seen that cases of diarrhea in the community increase during the rainy season, because the river water, which they use for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing clothes, is very dirty and muddy."

                              The inhabitants of some villages near Campinápolis already enjoy the water of artisanal wells, some made by teams led by the Salesian Alois Würz, of the AMA Project, and others by the Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health (SESAI). But the families of the village of "Cuerpo de Cristo" continue to survive only with water from the São Felipe river, which runs through the region.

                              To deal with the problem - which can only be fully solved by supplying treated water to the population - pastoral agents have produced a series of guidelines on how to proceed in using the water collected from the river. First, information and spoons were distributed so that they could learn how to make whey - used for the treatment of the disease; then clay filters were distributed. These two initiatives managed to contain the cases of diarrhea.

                              Salesian deacon José Alves said the material was obtained through donations from benefactors and friends who work for indigenous peoples.

                              "It's very sad that when we arrive in the village we see malnourished children and we cannot do anything. We leave with an anguished heart. We fight so that children do not suffer from malnutrition, because once it is diagnosed, it is difficult to resolve," says volunteer Deusmira Moreira.

                              At the ecclesial level, the indigenous peoples of Campinapolis are part of the parish of "San Domenico Savio", whose parish priest is the Salesian Fr Bartolomeo Giaccaria. The participation of the Salesian Mission of Mato Grosso is acknowledged and appreciated by the community and the authorities. "It is a joy to be able to count on the support of the Salesians and of the health teams. Without this support, we are nothing," explains Moreira.

                              "I really want to thank the Salesians. With this help, we can do more and more. It is a great honor for me to be able to save lives. Not only those of children, but also of pregnant women and the elderly," reiterated Deusmira.

                              Euclides Fernandes

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                                Gian Francesco Romano

                                Hong Kong – Don Bosco Discovery Centre ever new

                                1 month 2 weeks ago
                                Hong Kong – Don Bosco Discovery Centre ever new

                                (ANS - Hong Kong) – “Don Bosco Discovery Centre” is located in the Catechetical Centre, Tang King Po School - Hong Kong. DB Discovery Centre is one of the China province Centenary Celebrations (1906-2006), following a simple chronological concept from the life and mission of Don Bosco the Founder until the present reality of Salesian Work in the world and especially in the four territories of China province.

                                The EAO Social communication and Formation delegates were also happy to visit this meaningful venue during the last day of the 2019 meeting, last November.

                                The EAO Delegates, guided by the Viceprovincial, Fr. Domingos Leong, were able in 30 minutes time to get a deeper insight not only into the history, pedagogy and spirituality of our Father and Founder, but especially into the moving history of 113 years of our mother province.

                                From the Macau foundation (1906), through the Vicariate of Shiu Chow with the Martyrdom of Bishop Versiglia and Fr. Caravario, following the marvelous development of the 20 schools in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan over the years, the numerous Salesian witnesses, 'confessors of faith', and the richness of Salesian charism expressed in many vibrant groups of the Salesian Family, Salesian Bulletin, Youth ministry and contribution to civil society and local Chruch.

                                The “Discovery Centre” in Hong Kong looks like the “Salesian Historic Hall” in Seoul provincial house (Korea), Hua Hin Salesian Hall (Thailand), Manila-Makati Salesian Missionary Exhibition (Philippines) or Cimatti Museum in Tokyo (Japan).

                                And there’s hope that other EAO Provinces will also offer insight into the Salesian rich charismatic history to the young, lay mission partners, Salesian Family members.

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                                  Gian Francesco Romano

                                  Brazil – Unforgettable experience for volunteers of "Operation Mato Grosso"

                                  1 month 2 weeks ago

                                  (ANS - Campinápolis) - They spent six months in Brazil, working among the "poorest in the Kingdom". An experience in three states: Goiás, Tocantins and Mato Grosso. They have finished their work and now have to go home with an experience that has completely transformed their lives. A total of 67 young people participated in a joint effort in the villages of São Pedro, São José and São Gabriel. "This is a farewell work camp for young people who came to live in Mato Grosso for six months," explained Vanderley Miranda, president of the Alvorada Social Center, which organized the Mutirão activities.

                                  They stayed in Campinápolis, MT, between 18 and 22 November. They worked in the village of São Pedro, renovating the school, repairing the homes of missionaries and the roofs of houses and the church. In the village of São Gabriel, they repaired a building that had been destroyed by a fire a few weeks before.

                                  Clemílson was assigned to accompanying the boarding school's young Xavantes who come from the villages and study in  "Novo São Joaquim". He considers himself a privileged person to have lived this experience which he considers extremely enrichening, humanly and spiritually. "We often talk about poverty and it is only in theory. When we have the grace to come to work in the villages, we can see this reality. We are lucky because we do something good for those who really need it," he said.

                                  Ursula and Pietro are Italians. They spent six months serving the poor youth of Brazil, the oratories and boarding schools. Both recognize that the experience of helping those in need has been transformative for them. "I did charity, I helped clean the old people's home, I talked to them, I kept them company. I am very grateful for this experience that I will always carry in my heart," says Ursula.

                                  Another foreign volunteer is Ivan, from Peru, where he met the founder and spiritual guide of "Operation Mato Grosso", Fr Ugo De Censi, who died in December 2018. "For me it was something beautiful, because I never had had the opportunity to see this reality, let alone live it."

                                  According to the Pastoral Coordinator of the community of Nova Xavantina, Salesian deacon José Alves de Oliveira, the volunteers also helped repair the medical facility in the village of São José.

                                  During the farewell party of the Campinapolis group of volunteers, Fr de Oliveira recalled that "the important thing is that every activity was a gesture of love. And this love is a small seed that will bear much fruit."

                                  Source: Salesian Misión de Mato Grosso

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                                    Gian Francesco Romano

                                    Costa Rica – Students of "CEDES Don Bosco" are finalists in educational projects in Latin America

                                    1 month 2 weeks ago

                                    (ANS - Alajuelita) - The Don Bosco School is part of the "Don Bosco Salesian Educational Center" (CEDES) and serves a population of 400 students. In accordance with the Salesian charism, the school has the firm intention of offering excellence in all its educational activities. In recent weeks, its young students have participated in two projects: the "First Lego League", a science, technology and robotics competition, and the development of a project called "Quimera".

                                    On November 16th, the fourth edition of the "First Lego League" was held in Costa Rica, a science, technology and robotics competition that aims to enable children and young people to face the challenges of research and critical thinking development.

                                    500 students from different schools participated in the activity. "CEDES Don Bosco" was represented by 16 students from the areas of the Infants' Center, of the Technical School and of the Institute. The team of children from the "Pasitos Pequeños" Infants' Center designed two cities that reflect emotions, colors and fun as a solution for a city of the future. The second team composed of students of the School obtained an honorable mention as "Creative Project" for the proposal of an "eco-friendly" residential complex with accessibility and "ecoterraces" to encourage sharing among families.

                                    The other project prepared by the students was the creation of the application called "Quimera" which aims to contrast school abandonment. Created by five students of the "CEDES Don Bosco", the project was a finalist in the regional competition "Latin Code Week", promoted by "Junior Achievement".

                                    "Quimera" is a cross-platform application and is currently competing for first place with 10 other apps from various countries. This application was developed by the young Pablo Bermúdez, Melanie Arista, Ángel Ureña, María Rivel and Joel Ávila. Through games and tests, it motivates young people to enjoy study and reinforce learning interactively.

                                    The objective of "Quimera" is to interactively link academic subjects and schools, allowing students to gain greater knowledge of the subjects, tackling them in a more dynamic way. Moreover, it will allow teachers to appreciate, through the application, the progress of the children, all in order to reduce the early abandonment of school.

                                    According to data from the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica, in 2018, 10,211 students left secondary school.

                                    If the "Quimera" project wins its competition, it could become an excellent instrument of contrast at the Latin American level, given that early school leaving is high.

                                    It is still possible to vote for this project: 

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                                      Gian Francesco Romano

                                      Italy – Don Bosco's face in the peripheries: a mural by Jorit in Foggia

                                      1 month 2 weeks ago
                                      Italy – Don Bosco's face in the peripheries: a mural by Jorit in Foggia

                                      (ANS - Foggia) – In these past few days a blank wall of the "Candelaro" district of Foggia, near the local Salesian center, has acquired a lot of meaning and social value, thanks to the master strokes of the Street Art artist "Jorit". On the initiative of the General Directorate of the Salesian Congregation, a large wall painting of the face of Don Bosco was created, which decorates and embellishes a peripheral area of ​​the city, and which thus continues to bring the magnetic gaze of the Saint of Young to the youngsters of the 21st century. Moreover, the mural will also be the protagonist of a surprise destined to enter Salesian houses around the world ...

                                      "If you want to make yourself good, practice these three things and everything will be fine: joy, study, pity. This is the great program which, by practicing, will enable you to live happily!" Jorit started from there, from this famous aphorism of Don Bosco for his representation of Don Bosco on the Foggia wall. As usual, before making the mural-portraits that have made him famous, the artist has in fact inaugurated the "cement canvas" by replicating Don Bosco's phrase on the wall, which was later covered by the drawing.

                                      Begun on Friday, November 29th, the work continued at an ample pace in the following days and already today, December 3rd, it is possible to see the well-defined image of Don Bosco's portrait.

                                      The mural created in Foggia will be officially inaugurated on the day of the Immaculate Conception, Sunday 8 December, in the presence of the General Councillor for Social Communication of the Congregation, Fr Filiberto González Plasencia, and of the Economer General, Brother Jean Paul Muller. But already before, Saturday 7, it will be the backdrop for shooting the last scenes of the Rector Major's Strenna video for 2020 - and in this way it will then be visible to the whole Salesian Family across the globe, starting from the last days of December.

                                      Here is how a young woman from Foggia, Gessica Borrelli, wrote on Facebook, referring to Don Bosco and the mural: "Where Candelaro crosses with Via Lucera, I see you ... and that's enough to enflame the heart."

                                      Born in Naples in 1990, "Jorit" is today one of the world's most established Street Art artists. He has matured and developed a figurative style and specializes in the representation of giant realistic portraits, most often in the peripheries and, of course, accessible for viewing to all for free: San Gennaro and Maradona in Naples, Nelson Mandela in Florence, Yuri Gagarin among the tower blocks of Odintsovo, not far from Moscow, a young Palestinian on the Israeli separation wall, and then street kids, autistic boys, are just some of the artist's grand portraits...

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                                        Gian Francesco Romano

                                        Philippines – Legazpi Salesian center heavily damaged by "Kammuri"

                                        1 month 2 weeks ago

                                        (ANS - Legazpi) - The “Kammuri” super typhoon is sweeping the Filipino archipelago, causing severe damage and four victims, so far, due to violent storm winds and incessant rains that have continued to fall for hours. The Salesian work located in Legazpi has also suffered heavy damage due to the typhoon.

                                        "We really need help," the director of the work, Fr Ronilo Javines, wrote on Facebook.

                                        The Salesian center in Legazpi is a vast and richly structured Agricultural Training Center, designed to offer formation that can be spent in the world of work for the poor of rural areas.

                                        The damage at the center has been extensive: Chapel Oratory, Sacristy, Pastoral Office, Window glasses of Workshops and classrooms, sports facility, Roof of Staff House, Roof of Boarders’ Dormitory, Agro-mech/Farm House, Goat and Chicken Houses, Compost Area facility, including the plantation of corn, cacao, calamansi, pili, banana, tomato, pepper and high value crops.

                                        Kammuri is currently transiting south-east of the island of Luzon and will continue to travel towards the northwest, leaving the Philippine archipelago for the Chinese Sea only on Thursday 5 December, when it will be downgraded to a tropical storm.

                                        "We also appeal help in a special way for Families of our Trainees-students whose houses have been heavily damaged by the typhoon as well" Fr Javines concluded.

                                        {gallery}FIN - Danni a Legazpi 2019{/gallery}

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