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Portugal – "Will humanity succumb because a machine is missing?": A tweet by João Nascimento, Salesian past pupil, generates global synergy

1 week 2 days ago

(ANS - Lisbon) - A Portuguese scientist is bringing together specialists from all over the world to develop new respirators in open source format (without commercial license): he is João Nascimento, a pupil of the Salesian Institute of Estoril, who, via Twiter, launched the challenge to the academic community, researchers, engineers, doctors, software developers and technology companies to create a fast and outsourced solution for the production of medical devices, given the large current and global needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the appearance of coronavirus in many countries around the world, public and private hospitals soon realized a sad fact: there are no breathing, ventilation and artificial lungs machines sufficient to assist all the people who require them. The manufacturers of these devices say they don't have the "ability to meet global demand."

The ex-Salesian student João Nascimento then launched the challenge through Twitter and in a few hours first hundreds and then thousands of experts from various sectors responded to his appeal.

To the newspaper "Observador", which is following the project's progress, João Nascimento said that it is tangible proof that humanity, when it works together and in solidarity, has no boundaries, even though he stressed that "at present, it's not possible to make predictions on immediate results or applications."

João Nascimento is currently studying Neuroscience and Philosophy at Harvard University and is the mentor of the "Open Air Project", based on the Slack platform and with various discussion channels.

"How was the idea born and how was the open source mechanical respirator project born?" asked journalist Laura Cordeiro. "I am one of those people who can't stand still or wait for things to happen," explained the Salesian past pupil. "Obviously, faced with a world pandemic, I thought of dismantling the problem: what is the main cause of the deaths? What is the main reason for the lack of respirators? Will humanity succumb because a machine is missing? I started thinking about the machine, which is essentially made of plastic, which immediately led me to the idea that it can be produced from a mold and therefore reproducible with 3D printer technology ... This is how I got to Twitter and to my search for open source respirators and respiratory machinery."

"I'm not the creator of anything," João says.  "I only joined the people who were already thinking about it and I suggested organizing ourselves. The merit goes entirely to those who are working on it, are researching and are committed to finding solutions. "

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    Gian Francesco Romano

    Spain – Salesian publisher "Edebé" joins educational community against coronavirus crisis

    1 week 2 days ago

    (ANS - Barcelona) - The Salesian publishing house "Edebé" is one of the large world-level publishers that offers educational proposals. It is one of the pioneering companies in the creation of multimedia materials, develops curricular digital content and is a provider of integral educational services with management and learning platforms. It is active in various parts of the world and, in addition to Spain, especially in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador and Mexico. Given the exceptional nature of the moment, Edebé supports and accompanies the global educational community with all the means at its disposal to continue, even at a distance, its typically Salesian work.

    Thanks to the opportunities offered by digital tools, Edebé makes available to teachers, free of charge and until July, solutions that will allow their students to continue their formation from home.

    To this end, it offers the "edebéOn" learning environment, with which it is possible to have all the contents available in digital format, with a large amount of resources, self-correction exercises and an activity generator. And with it, also the "edebéOn+" environment that allows you to customize the contents, obtain personalized analyzes in real time with a virtual assistant of artificial intelligence, and work with Google Classroom.

    For school management, the "esemtia" platform is available, which provides customized solutions for the various educational phases with a free integrated moodle (a computer environment for managing courses) which allows, among other functions, the creation of virtual classrooms between teachers and students.

    Specific resources are also offered for adaptive teaching of mathematics with the solution based on Artificial Intelligence, "ADIMAT", or the only platform specialized in the management of educational projects, "Projectia".

    In addition, as a partner of the "Google for Education" group, Edebé offers free implementation of the "G.Suite" tools and access to the advanced "Hangouts Meet" functions for meetings.

    To carry out this task, teachers will have videos, tutorials, online training or videoconference presentations available to solve doubts and adapt to different needs.

    With all these tools, Edebé accompanies and facilitates the work of all education professionals and supports families in facing together the challenge of giving continuity to the learning of students in this particular and difficult time.

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      Gian Francesco Romano

      Senegal – Returning migrants, young people and minors in mobility at center of new project

      1 week 2 days ago
      Senegal – Returning migrants, young people and minors in mobility at center of new project

      (ANS - Tambacounda) - As part of the "Stop Trafficking" campaign, carried out by the Salesian NGO "International Volunteer for Development" (VIS) and the Salesian Mission Office "Don Bosco Missions" of Turin to promote development and reduce the irregular emigration migration in East and West Africa, a new emergency project has been launched. For 15 months, it will involve young people and children in mobility of three key countries for international migration: Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau.

      VIS, together with partners "COOPI" and "Mani Tese", will implement the project "Investing in the future: protection, formation and employment for returning migrants, potential migrants and unaccompanied minor migrants in Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau."

      In concrete terms, work will be carried out in the aforesaid three countries with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of young people at risk of irregular migration, of vulnerable returning migrants and of children in mobility, in order to contribute to the reduction of irregular migration from these territories, which constitute the main migratory corridors leading to Mali, Mauritania and from there to the routes of traffickers through North Africa up to Spain and Italy.

      These are regions affected by food insecurity, high exposure to risks associated with climate change, drought and floods, and alarming poverty rates that have generated significant flows of internal migration, as well as significant loss of workforce.

      For this reason, the project will mainly intervene in three areas of action. First, it wants to foster the practical and theoretical skills of young people so that they are adapted to the needs of the labor market, and this through the supply of scholarships and work grants, as well as basic "kits" that will allow participants to start micro-enterprises in strategic sectors.

      Secondly, the project will deal with strengthening the existing formal and informal mechanisms that deal with the psycho-social care of vulnerable returning migrants and children in mobility. It will also provide directly for, through local professionals, psycho-social assistance aimed at reintegration into the community.

      Lastly, the aim is to inform and raise awareness among young people not only on the risks of irregular migration, but also and above all on the possibilities offered by their territories of origin; this will be done through a series of radio campaigns and cultural events such as theatrical performances and film screenings and debates locally as well as in Italy.

      Source: VIS

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        Gian Francesco Romano

        Philippines – Care for Creation and young people: thanks to education received, past pupil works for common good

        1 week 3 days ago
        Philippines – Care for Creation and young people: thanks to education received, past pupil works for common good

        (ANS - Mati) - A young surfer wanders at night on Dahican beach, near Mati, with a torch in his hand and trying to stay unnoticed. He has no bad intentions, quite the opposite: he is there to help make life blossom. He is Winston Plaza, a Salesian past pupil, and if he does this today he owes it to two Salesians.

        At around 10:30 in the evening, the shores of Dahican in Mati, Davao Oriental, are bathed in soft moonlight when the rhythmic heartbeat of the waves against the shore were punctured with soft hushes. At one corner of the two-kilometer beach, two people were hunched with lights over a hawksbill sea turtle. The beach is not only known for its waves among the surfing community, it is also known as an ecological hotspot.

        Winston Plaza, together with his assistant, has been on the watch since early evening for female turtles who come up to shore to lay their eggs. Around three species of sea turtles nest in Dahican, all of them considered critically endangered by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Winston explains, “only 30% of the people around here like us and what we do.”

        Pressed on what he means by that, he explained that despite the headways into environmental protection, some businessmen and locals still see the sea only for its economic value. Winston lamented that too few people see nature and its gifts for its real beauty. The rest only see cash.

        Meanwhile, the mother turtle struggled with the sand. “She’s trying to fool us where she hid her eggs,” Winston explained. The turtle had surfaced a few hours back but went back to sea when she encountered people. In the cover of darkness, she went up again to lay her eggs before Winston found her and marked the spot.

        Winston belongs to Amihan sa Dahican, a group of local surfers who offer lessons to locals and tourists alike. Along with the other three Plaza brothers, part of their advocacy is the protection of the sea turtles. They hold night watches, even as late as 2:00 in the morning, waiting for the turtles to surface, mark the nest, dig up the newly-laid eggs and transfer them to a safe location where they can be protected from natural and human predators.

        They hoped that by controlling the conditions of the nest and fencing, they could hatch more females and increase the survival rate of the eggs. Only 10% of the eggs grow to become adults, he said. Once out of their eggs, the baby turtles are released into the sea to back up their dwindling population.

        The group does not only protect baby turtles. Winston explained that they are taking care of some young people too. They help in their education, feed them, and train them in their advocacy. With the persistent opposition, they needed all the help they could get. The group has been working with DENR and has lobbied for legal protection of the coast. All these, he said, was because two priests helped them turn out who they are now.

        Fr. Franco Uras and Fr. Leonard Mcmanus were two of the pioneering Salesians in Mati. Winston, together with his brothers Juan, Pedro, and June, were under the care of Salesians. They have been orphaned of their father. Their mother was the Salesian community’s laundry woman. It was the two priests who helped them in their education and taught them the life lessons they now are passing on to the younger generation and the environment.

        “They used to bring us to the missions in the chapels. We helped Fr. Uras plant the trees in Don Bosco,” Winston vividly recalled. “Father Mac brought us to Davao so we could study. Father Franco taught my brothers to cook.” Father Franco is a well-known cook and his Italian dishes are cherished by Salesians.

        “We do what we do now because the first Salesians in Mati taught us the value of a good education and of contributing to the community and the environment.” After uncovering the eggs, Winston scooped them up with his t-shirt and gently brought them to a fenced area half a kilometer away. He planted them again. “It will take two months before these eggs will hatch,” he hopefully said.

        The eggs the Salesians in Mati have incubated years before have long hatched. These now are the warriors who ensure that the next generation of turtles and youth have a future.

        FIS Social Communication

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          Gian Francesco Romano

          Mexico – San José Sánchez del Río's relics on visit to Salesian Institute

          1 week 3 days ago
          Mexico – San José Sánchez del Río's relics on visit to Salesian Institute

          (ANS - Mexico City) – At the end of last month, the Salesian Institute "Ángela Segovia de Serrano", in Barrientos, Mexico City, hosted a distinguished relic of San José Sánchez del Río, martyred at 14 years of age and a model of youthful sainthood for his unshakeable faith and love for Jesus.

          Immediately after the arrival of the urn containing the relic of "St. Joselito" – as he is known in Mexico - Fr Lezama, Delegate for Missions and Pastoral Care for the Marginalized of the Mexico-Mexico Province (MEM), presided over a solemn Mass. At the end of the celebration, the words that convinced José's mother to allow him to join the Catholic initiatives in defense of the Christian faith were remembered with emotion: "It has never been easier to earn Heaven as it is now."

          A group of Salesian novices - including novices from the Provinces of Central America, Antilles, Haiti, and Mexico-Guadalajara - also participated in the celebration in the company of Fr Héctor Hernández, SDB, of the CAM Province, member of the formation community of the inter-provincial novitiate of Mexico.

          On the first day of visits to the relic, marked by different Masses at various times and by moments of public veneration, students, teachers, school staff and parents approached the relic to entrust their prayer intentions to the intercession of the young San José.

          On the second and final day of the urn's stopover, Fr Jaime Franco presided over the final Eucharist of the relic's visit to the educational community. At the end of the celebration, all participants paid homage to the young saint and martyr with a loud applause and the exclamation "Long live Christ the King!"

          San José Sanchez del Rio was a Mexican teenager and martyr, born in Sahuayo de Morelos, Michoacán state, on March 28, 1913, son of Macario Sánchez and María del Rio. At his young age, he witnessed the persecutions suffered by the Catholic Church in Mexico, which intensified between 1925 and 1929, and which were institutionalized with the promulgation of the so-called "Calles Law" in 1926.

          At the age of 14, the brave boy suffered martyrdom, when, after giving his horse to an important Cristero fighter, he was captured, imprisoned, then tortured, forced to walk with skinned feet, stabbed and finally killed with a gunshot for not denying his faith.

          Before receiving the fatal blow, he said to his executioner the words he wished to address to his parents: "Long live Christ the King, we will see each other in Heaven". It was February 10, 1928, and a young boy was killed in his village by the authorities of his country.

          He was beatified on 20 November 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI and canonized on 16 October 2016 by Pope Francis.

          {gallery}MEM - Jose Sanchez del Rio 2020{/gallery}

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            Gian Francesco Romano

            Slovakia – In nation closed for coronavirus, Salesians open online oratory

            1 week 4 days ago
            Slovakia – In nation closed for coronavirus, Salesians open online oratory

            (ANS - Bratislava) - The Salesians (SDB) in Slovakia, alongside the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA) and the volunteers of the Salesian Youth Movement, have created an online oratory on Facebook and Instagram, accompanied by the hashtag #oratkoonline.

            To contain the spread of coronavirus throughout Slovakia, public Masses are not celebrated, the oratories and youth centers in all the SDB and FMA presences are closed as are all schools, together with other government measures aimed at limiting gatherings and travel as much as possible.

            To remain close to children, young people, families and all the faithful, all communities have worked to create and convey pastoral content through social networks. Seeking to develop a beautiful synergy, the SDB and FMA Youth Ministry Delegates, together with other volunteers and members of the Salesian Family, have thus given life to an online oratory project.

            The daily content shared includes morning prayer and exercise, a biblical thought at lunch, the Salesian "Good night", the live streaming of the Eucharistic celebration, and the recitation of the extraordinary Novena promoted by the Rector Major.

            Every afternoon, a debate on a different theme is proposed, a debate animated by various participants: in its early days, two young doctors talked about the coronavirus and the rules of prevention of contagion, two other young artists presented artistic proposals at a time when the young must stay at home, a bishop also intervened as a guest ... And a challenge-activity is also proposed on a daily basis.

            There are also other initiatives - periodic. For example, two Salesian musicians have proposed a concert of psalms.

            Finally, in the capital, Bratislava, the activities of the football club "SDM Domino" have also moved online. It prepares and shares a series of various workouts to be practiced even on one's own, exercises to maintain good morale and physical health in the face of the threat of coronavirus.

            {gallery}SLK - oratorio online 2020{/gallery}

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              Jesus Jurado

              Hong Kong – Remembering Br. Paolino Lin, SDB - Confessor of Faith

              1 week 4 days ago
              Hong Kong – Remembering Br. Paolino Lin, SDB - Confessor of Faith

              (ANS – Hong Kong) – Salesian Brother Paul (Paolino) LIN Yin-nien passed away at the age of 92 years on 10 March 2020 at 13:30 in the hospital in Shanghai, China, after 70 years of Salesian consecrated life. He was born in Shanghai on 16 July 1928 and made his first profession in Hong Kong on 16 August 1950, and his perpetual profession on 24 January 1958. He spent 37 years in detention (15 years in prison, 22 years in a labour camp) for his Catholic and Salesian fidelity to the Pope as the Vicar of Christ. So many years in prison did not stop him from witnessing, always with a joyful and enthusiastic lifestyle, that Jesus is alive!

              The CIN Province is mourning, both sorrowfully and joyfully, the death of Br. Paolino Lin Yin Nien. Why sorrowfully? Because it was the hope of us all to have Br. Paolino with us for some more years before his return to the Father’s House. Why joyfully? Because Br. Paolino’s death crowns a life that has been a spendid, as the Provincial announcement of his death termed it, “example of fidelity to God, to the Church, and to Don Bosco.”

              Born in 1929 in Shanghai, he professed as a Salesian in Hong Kong in 1950. Though tall and stout, Provincial Fr Carlo Braga liked to call him “Paolino”. Even though Shanghai was no longer free, he, only temporarily professed, readily accepted the tremendous obedience, given him by the Servant of God Fr Carlo Braga, of returning to Shanghai to help the confreres there, trying to salvage Salesian work for poor youth.

              On 8 September 1955, Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady, he was arrested for his fidelity to the Pope along with the Bishop of Shanghai and a thousand other religious, priests, and faithful. On that day, he told us, he made the vow of reciting the Novena to Mary Help of Christians penned by Don Bosco every day: in return, he asked Our Lady to give him the grace of being able to make his perpetual profession and to remain faithful to his Salesian vocation until his death.

              For the last 65 years, to his dying day Br. Paolino kept up his daily recitation of the Novena prayers. Of these 65 years, 35 were passed in prisons and in labour camps. Even if from time to time he was allowed some short visits to his brother Salesians abroad, most of the other 30 years were passed under police supervision in what was practically an ongoing house arrest. Br. Paolino was the last remaining “confessor of the faith” in the great motherland. He could have passed his last days in the freedom of Hong Kong or Taiwan, but - with the consent of his Superiors - he chose to remain where he was, dedicating himself to the youth and the children of the neighborhood.

              Only some months ago it was revealed to us that the family of Br. Paolino Lin was related in a very special way to the great CICM Missionaries in Sinis. The revelation was made to us by the Pastor of the Martyres Sinarum Parish in Taipei, Fr. Willy Ollevier, CICM. On 25 August 1865, CICM Founder Theophiel Verbist set out on his journey ad Sinas in the company of four companions: Fathers Aloïs van Segvelt, Frans Vrankx, Ferdinand Hamer, and lay helper Paul Splingaerd. Br. Paolino Lin Yin Nien and his elder brother former Salesian Fr. Mattia Lin In Ts’ing are descendants precisely of Paul Splingaerd, that young lay missionary volunteer who, in Chinese, chose to call himself “Lin Fu Chen”. He eventually married a local lady, Catherine Tchao Li, with whom he begot 12 children, 9 daughters and 3 sons: Alphonse, Remy, and Jean Baptiste. These three sons carried the Lin/Splingaerd name. One of them was the father of our two confreres. The Wikipedia article about Paul Splingaerd (Brussels, 1842 – Xi’an, 1906) says that he was a Belgian foundling who followed the first CICM missionaries and who eventually became an official or mandarin (bureaucrat) in the late Qing Imperial Government.

              Now we know why Br. Paolino was so tall and stout. He had good Flemish blood in his veins. But tall and stout he was not in body only, but also in his soul. He passed the last 30 years of his house arrest in the company of Our Lady of Sheshan (Help of Christians!) and of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, whom the Superiors allowed him to keep in his home in downtown Shanghai. When not playing host to the children who came to see him, Br. Paolino, a true Salesian contemplative in action, lived in uninterrupted contemplation of the divine love incarnate in Jesus, crucified and risen, mysteriously present in the consecrated Host.

              During the last few years, the CIN province Salesians recorded various interviews with Bro. Paolino. In one of them he shared: “When I was arrested for the first time, I was a coadjutor brother with only temporary vows. After a few months, I was released for ‘holidays’. I was sure that I would be arrested again. So, during my ‘holidays’, I asked the Superior in charge, Fr Liang, to allow me to make my Perpetual Profession as an exception, for I didn’t want to die as a non-Salesian. With God’s blessing, my request was granted. I was so happy to go back to the prison as a perpetually professed member of the Salesians of Don Bosco.”

              Anybody who had ever met Brother Paolino was deeply struck by his contagious joy and shining enthusiasm, rooted in a deep friendship with Jesus in the Eucharist and devotion to Mary Help of Christians. Although most (67 years) of his 70 years of religious life he was not able to enjoy the community life, his 'apostolate' of joyful life witness and hardworking life was a living Gospel to many around him. He was friend to both Catholics and non Christians, closely following even the families of his 'guardian angels'.

              Indeed his death is a glory to the whole Salesian Congregation: " ... and when it happens that a Salesian dies working for souls, the Congregation has won a great triumph." (Biographical Memoirs of Don Bosco, vol. 17, 273)

              Source: AustraLasia

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                Mexico – From Canada to Mexico: an apostolic experience ongoing for 25 years with "Chavos Don Bosco"

                1 week 4 days ago

                (ANS - Puebla) - The "Juan Ponce de León" Salesian Institute was where students of the Salesian secondary schools of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada gathered for their experience in Mexico. Every year, a group of young Canadians goes to one of the larger works of the Mexico-México Province (MEM), the "Chavos Don Bosco" project, to offer their time and energy to serve the most needy.

                "The more we strive to secure a common good corresponding to the real needs of our neighbors, the more effectively we love them," it is written in the Encyclical Caritas in Veritate. "Every Christian is called to practice this charity, in a manner corresponding to his vocation and according to the degree of influence he wields in the pólis."  For this reason, for 25 years the young people of the Salesian Institute of Sherbrooke have been carrying out this activity which benefits children at risk and which makes them grow as promoters of a more supportive and more humane world.

                On Sunday 1st March, Sherbrooke's boys and girls, who belong to the Canadian Salesian Youth Movement (SYM), met at the "Juan Ponce de Leon" Salesian Institute. The first objective was to get to know one of the oldest houses in the MEM Province, which was once a Salesian aspirantate and is now a school.

                The young Canadians were accompanied by Fr Alain Leonard, SDB, from the Province of the United States East and Canada (SUE), by the Salesian Moisés Rubén Illescas Morales, and Fr Noé Jorge Lara of the "Artesanado de Nazareth" community, directed by Fr Armando Morales Gutiérrez.

                The experience that the youths of SYM Canada have been carrying out for 25 years takes place in the Salesian project "Artesanado de Nazareth", where street children are hosted.

                Fr Leonard, together with Fr Gerardo Cayetano, Rector of the "St Michael Archangel" temple in Puebla and former formator of the "Artesanado de Nazareth", explained the characteristics of this experience: it is a 10-day stay in which the students of Sherbrooke live with the children and young people and with all the people served by the Salesian project "Chavos Don Bosco" of the Foundation "Déjame Ayudarte IAP", curated by the MEM Province.

                Knowing the reality of young people at risk in Mexico, every year Fr Leonard encourages and supports the group of young people who wish to carry out this missionary experience, which allows young Canadians to live in an attitude of service and to reconsider their own life situation, and to the boys and girls of the "Artesanado de Nazareth" to discover other horizons and a better way of life, which they can access through school education and the commitment to be good Christians and upright citizens.

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                  Syria – Maher Al Saloom: "Internal war is stronger than bombs"

                  1 week 5 days ago

                  (ANS - Aleppo) - Syria is entering its ninth year of war this month, a war that has changed the lives of nearly 20 million people. The bombs no longer fall on the main cities and there are not as many people on the run as before, but one certainly cannot say there is peace and reconstruction has only just begun. The economic interests of the major powers have turned the country into a powder keg and into a crusade against jihadist terrorism, with more than 500,000 dead, more than 1.5 million injured and over 5 million refugees.

                  During all this time the Salesians have remained in Aleppo, Damascus and Kafroun, standing alongside the local population and especially the young people and their families through their works.

                  Maher Al Saloom is an example of what thousands of young people from Salesian circles in Syria have experienced. He is 24 years old and lives in Damascus. He is the second of three brothers. He was supposed to do military service, but a heart problem had him exonerated.

                  His life changed on April 17, 2013. “I was getting ready for the final high school exam, which was a few days away, and my father said I wouldn't pass it. At seven in the morning I was going over Physics when the phone rang. They told me that my father had had an accident, but when I arrived at my uncles' house I knew the truth, that he was dead,” recalls Maher, saddened.

                  That day he did not have the strength to return home and went, instead, to the Salesian Youth Center: “When I entered the church all the Salesians were there and, from that moment on, I found another father in them, because they have always helped me to continue to study and overcome the difficulties that have arisen.”

                  After the burial of his father, Maher continued to study, to make a gift to his father. So on examination “I even obtained a good mark, even if the difficulties at home arrived all the same, because we no longer had an income. It was then that the internal war began for me, which is stronger than the bomb war. There was a fee to pay for the funeral, for the university ... The Salesians helped us a lot, to us as to many other families. All that I am, I owe to them.”

                  The most difficult episode of his testimony was when they handed him the bullet that killed his father. Looking at it in his hand, he turned to a Salesian and left him speechless: “This bullet costs 15 Lire (3 euro cents); I'll give you all the money you want if you give me back my father alive.” From that moment on, Maher has never stopped studying.

                  “The youth center is my home,” he concludes. “It gave me everything when I lost what I wanted most; it helped me overcome the difficulties.”

                  Source: Misiones Salesianas

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                    Jesus Jurado

                    Costa Rica – The Seniors of the Salesians, a divine treasure to thank for

                    1 week 5 days ago
                    Costa Rica – The Seniors of the Salesians, a divine treasure to thank for

                    (ANS - San José- "The family is not chosen," wrote Desmond Tutu,  "because it is a gift of God for you, as you are for each of its members." In fact, we are all born into a family. Pope Francis has already said so several times: "The family is a precious treasure. It must always be supported and protected." For the Salesians of Don Bosco the family is an essential substance in the formative process and throughout one's lifetime. The Salesian community of the Casa de la Salud, in Costa Rica, in the context of the care and accompaniment of elderly Salesians, received family members of its guests.

                    The convocation brought together the families of several Salesians as part of an event that was attended to by the health professionals who accompany the religious with the specific care that each of them requires.

                    Families were offered some "capsules of Salesian spirituality", shared a good coffee, listened carefully to the medical records of each Salesian and took note of the state in which they, the seniors, find themselves, and the care and attention that nurses and doctors affectionately dedicate to them. The family members also learned about the protocols for emergency assistance and the requirements that must be met by state hospitals and legal bodies, as well as the details of the Casa de la Salud of El Salvador.

                    Old age is a phase of positive life like all the others and full of many satisfactions. For the Central American Province (CAM) and for communities, the well-being and quality of life of the elderly represent an important challenge. As in families when it is parents who get old, here too there can be no doubts about how to help.

                    Firstly, through the presence and support that many Salesians and communities give when they visit the Casa de la Salud, animating and encouraging these men who have given everything for the young. From the CAM Province one thanks with authentic gratitude the various and many professionals who continue to support this precious and delicate project.

                    The meeting ended by answering doubts, questions and comments. For the Salesians living in the Casa de la Salud, the visit was a cause of great joy.

                    "We have to thank the community and the team of lay people for the excellent meeting in a family atmosphere. It gives us great satisfaction and peace to know and see the good treatment, attention and affection they reserve for the elderly," the Jinesta family testified.

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                      Jesus Jurado

                      Peru – Giovanni, past pupil of Magdalena del Mar oratory: "I have to do something with local young people"

                      1 week 6 days ago

                      (ANS - Lima) - Giovanni Hurtado lived his childhood in the Magdalena del Mar neighborhood in Lima. The Salesian presence was widespread and had three works, with different activities - school, formation house and parish - and vocations were numerous. Today, at the age of 48, the enthusiasm of this Oratorian past pupil is even more alive and stronger than ever. He learned it from the Salesians and today he says. "I was lucky enough to meet the Salesians in a golden age, when they were always in contact with young people."

                      Over the years, his philosophy of life has remained intact: he has carried the Salesian charism in his heart. The challenges were getting bigger, but Giovanni hasn't stopped. For some time now he has been living in Austria, in the city of Bad Vigaun, district of Hallein, in the Land of Salzburg.

                      “As soon as I arrived in Austria, I asked for the nearest church. I wanted to talk to the parish priest and offer to sing at Mass," he says. This experience was the first step of all the good things that would follow. It was at that moment that Giovanni started building a new story.

                      “I have to do something with the young people here,” he would say to himself continuously. This was his goal: to reach young people. After a few years, his dream came true. With hard work and dedication, he managed to found the first oratory of the city: 'Pfarre Bad Vigauin.' “I based it on what I lived as an Oratorian in my time,” he says.

                      In Bad Vigaun, on Epiphany day, a group of children and young people visit homes to ask for charity donations to use for various educational and training projects around the world. 90% of the money raised is sent to Salzburg and then distributed to places that need help.

                      One of these places is located in Peru, in the deepest part of the Amazon region: the "Yankaum Jintia" Intercultural Technical Training Center, which welcomes young people from different indigenous communities: Achuar, Wampi, Quechua and Candozi.

                      This support was born thanks to Giovanni, who after fulfilling a series of requirements in Salzburg, contacted the Don Bosco Foundation of Peru to offer a significant annual donation.

                      His impetus and his desire to serve have made Giovanni a better person and a great "friend of Don Bosco".

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                        Jesus Jurado

                        RMG – Conclusion of CG28: the "Valdocco Option"

                        1 week 6 days ago

                        (ANS - Rome) - “What can I compare the kingdom of God to? It is similar to a bit of yeast: if a woman takes it and kneads it with three large measures of flour, then the yeast ferments all the dough." This beautiful parable of Jesus can be a good comparison for General Chapter XXVIII. It was shorter than expected, but like a pinch of yeast, its work has only just begun: it will spread its strength and beneficial ferments in and throughout the Congregation.

                        The Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, with his renewed General Council, will find ways to ensure that all the scheduled topics and deliberations can and shall be addressed later. But above all, the "spirit" of this Chapter will remain in everyone's memory.

                        Pope Francis underlined this in his message: "The Valdocco option of your 28th General Chapter is a good opportunity to regard the sources and ask the Lord: Da mihi animas, cetera tolle. This requires, on our part, to overcome the fears and apprehensions that may arise. Living faithfully the charism is something richer and more stimulating than simple abandonment, retreat or readjustment of the houses or activities; it involves a change of mentality in the face of the mission to be accomplished."

                        Nor can we forget the words of the young people present in the Chapter: "Salesians, do not forget us young people because we have not forgotten you and the charism that you have taught us! We want to express it wholeheartedly. Being here, we've made a dream come true. In this special place in Valdocco, where the Salesian mission began, which brings together Salesians and young people together. You have our hearts in your hands. You have to take care of your precious treasure. Please don't forget us and do keep listening to us."

                        "Salesianity," says Pope Francis, "is born precisely from this meeting capable of arousing prophecies and visions: welcoming, integrating and making the best qualities grow as a gift for others, especially for those marginalized and abandoned from whom nothing is expected."

                        In an atmosphere of true harmony, the Chapter demonstrated with empathy and coherence another truth underlined by the Pope: "The interlocutors of Don Bosco yesterday and of the Salesian today are not mere recipients of a strategy planned in advance, but live protagonists of the oratory to be built. Through them and with them, the Lord shows us His will and His dreams. We could call them co-founders of your houses."

                        The portrait of the Salesian for today's young people can be reflected in what the Rector Major affirms of himself: "I will try to be, as far as possible, a true man of God, with a strong charismatic and pastoral identity, far-sighted, capable of one gaze of faith and hope in reading reality. It is my deep desire to continue to be, as far as possible, a man capable of paternity and fraternal affection, of accompaniment, close to the confreres. I think I will put a lot of my energy into being a man capable of building unity, of involving and accompanying, of creating a common vision, of putting differences together, of building communion around him, of working in a team and delegating."

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                          Gian Francesco Romano

                          India – NSS National Tribal Youth Exchange Fest

                          1 week 6 days ago
                          India – NSS National Tribal Youth Exchange Fest

                          (ANS – Guwahati) – The 7-day youth extravaganza of the “National Youth Tribal Youth Exchange Fest” that brought together 500 youth from all over India drew to a close on 8th March with the valedictory function. The ceremony was held at the Amphitheatre of the “Don Bosco Institute” and began at 10:30 a.m. 

                          The Chief Guest of the Day was Smti Pallavi Kachari, Collector, Guwahati Municipal Corporation. Guest of Honour, Prof.  Alak Buragohain, Chairperson, Royal Global University, Shri. Angshuman Prasad Das, State Director of NYKS, Shri. Abhijit Sharma, Director, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Brig. R.K. Singh, Deputy Director General, NCC Shillong, Dr (Fr) P. D. John, Executive Director of Don Bosco Institute and Mr. Dipak Kumar, Regional Director, NSS Guwahati were the other guests who graced the occasion.

                          The program began with a song “Girl is on Fire” by two NSS volunteers of Don Bosco Institute of Management dedicated to all the women to mark International Women’s Day. A short video was presented by Dr. (Fr) P.D. John giving an overview of the 7-day NSS fest. It was followed by formal words of welcome and felicitation to the galaxy of dignitaries present on the occasion by Dr (Fr) P. D. John with Assamese phoolan gamocha and a bouquet of flowers. Shri. Angshuman Prasad Das referred to the crowds as small India sitting. He emphasized, “When you go home, tell your friends and extend your knowledge by your service, then your 7–day stay will be a fruitful one. Every corner of India is present here, and I invite all the youth of the country to come to DBI and utilize this institution as I have done with NYKS members. “ Finally, he asked not to forget Assam.

                          Shri. Abhijit Sharma, Director of the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, also spoke and thanked DBI and NSS. He told the participants, “You are the people who will bring solutions to the problems. Adapt to Technology to bring solutions. Don’t be mere consumers of technology.”

                          Brig. R. K. Singh DDG, NCC Shillong, asked to work together to bring a greater impact, to make people aware of their rights. He said youth is the powerhouse of any country. India has the biggest asset, that is, youth power. He told the participants to be confident in whatever they do, imbibe values and take the responsibility to take this country into a new era. Be part of the solution not part of the problem. In the future, youth will be in the decision making so to be conscious. India is full of Diversity but one identity: “Indian.”

                          Guest of honour Prof. Alak Buragohain addressed the gathering by wishing them a “Good Morning India.” He said that Youth are the country's present and future. He wished everyone all the best. He said, “I can rest assured that with people like you, India will be at the top.”

                          Smti Pallavi Kachari, chief guest, thanked DBI for inviting her. She said that she was mesmerized and overwhelmed at the energy that she saw around. She stated that Youth is everything a country could ask for. Youth can do a lot for the country. She remarked that she is proud to be a tribal. She also talked about values; the first values are learned in the family. We must teach our sons to respect girls, she said. Any girl’s responsibility is in the hands of the men. Men should also learn how to treat women. Be positive in Life. Stay healthy, stay happy and stay United. Be proud to be an Indian. Wishing a bright future to all the participants, she concluded her speech. It was followed by the distribution of certificates and mementos.

                          Ahamed Jimshad, Program Officer, from Kerala said, “three letters of NSS brought us to Northeast to see the rich cultures of Northeast. In DBI, we were treated like ‘Chief Guest’ every day. By being in DBI, we felt we were in all the 8 States of Northeast as DBI houses all cultures of Northeast.”

                          Pusha Saroj, a participant from Delhi said, “I love DBI and the people of Northeast. They are so welcoming, colourful and sociable. I am going to tell everyone about the beauty of DBI and the Northeast.”

                          Shreya, from UP studying in Banaras Hindu University, said, “Everything is different in Northeast. But I was able to adjust myself and enjoy the sessions and learn a lot. The entire camp was an eye-opener for me about the rich culture of the Northeast.”

                          Milind Kr Gautam, P.O. from Madhya Pradesh, said, “In my thirty years life, I've never had such a wonderful experience as I had these days in DBI. DBI is a place where all cultures and all religions meet.”

                          The Valedictory function came to a close with the Vote of Thanks delivered by Mr. Dipak Kumar, Regional Director, NSS, who expressed gratitude towards all the day's guests and Fr. P D John, Executive Director of Don Bosco Institute, and all his team for their great organization, undying support and guidance, the support staff who were the silent task force behind making the event a success and, lastly, the audience for being patient, enthusiastic and the constant reason for the motivation of the organizing workforce. The constant hard work of the staff and management were much appreciated and applauded.

                          The Event ended by paying respect to the nation with the National Anthem.

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                            Jesus Jurado

                            Italy - Salesians and coronavirus: even at a distance, always at the service of young people

                            1 week 6 days ago
                            Italy - Salesians and coronavirus: even at a distance, always at the service of young people

                            (ANS - Rome) - “When we received the ashes on our heads, on Wednesday of the beginning of Lent, we did not imagine that this climate of 'Holy Saturday' where everything is suspended would make itself felt earlier, a time when silence dominates and the sense of emptiness makes the setting unreal. Yet even Holy Saturday experiences a not desperate anguish, but confident; as believers we know that the victory over death and pain is certain, even if only Easter day will be fully participated." These are the words of Fr Roberto Dal Molin, President of "Salesiani per il Sociale APS", which frame the situation being experienced in Italy and in various other countries of the world due to the spread of the coronavirus.

                            In addition to keeping hope alive, the Salesians of Italy also commit themselves in many ways to keep good daily habits and solidarity alive.

                            For example, Cube Radio, the academic broadcaster of the Salesian University Institute of Venice and Verona (IUSVE), in collaboration with other educational, voluntary and religious organizations in the area, offers its listeners the #giveyourtime initiative, aimed above all at encouraging younger people to make time and energy available for solidarity actions.

                            Among the reports that the organizers have collected and relaunched is that of donating blood to the nearest collection center after acquiring precise information on methods and times.

                            Going further south, at Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco in Rome, the gates are closed, but the activities are in full swing: every afternoon the usual message of the "Salesian Goodnight" is posted on Facebook and Instagram; even the formation groups of the oratory continue their activities in a virtual way, as do the students of the Vocational Training Center.

                            The support work with the foster families, through talks via Skype, also continues with the "Rimettere le Ali APS" association; while the day center kids are offered digital courses and tutorials on YouTube and those who need support in the study are guaranteed daily accompaniment, through calls or video calls. And finally, in the foster family homes, as in all Italian homes, the desire to be together, playing board games and talking is being rediscovered.

                            Not even in Sicily do the Salesians feel the lack of the Salesian charism. In the parishes it is possible to participate in moments of prayer through various streaming opportunities, and the celebration of the Mass is broadcast live through their Facebook pages. The Salesian secondary schools of Catania-Cibali and Palermo-Ranchibile, as well as the "San Tommaso" Theological Institute of Messina, have activated the distance teaching platforms.

                            The oratories also find new "digital" solutions and the Salesian Youth Sports Club of Modica has also provided a training plan entitled #iomiallenoacasa – I train/exercise at home.

                            Fr Dal Molin concluded his message: “Being children of a dreamer we can only look to the future with hope and confidence. Today Don Bosco is telling us: everything will be fine!"

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                              Jesus Jurado

                              RMG – The General Council is complete: Regional Councilors elected

                              2 weeks 2 days ago
                              RMG – The General Council is complete: Regional Councilors elected

                              (ANS - Rome) - The 28th General Chapter of the Salesian Congregation has now also elected the seven new regional Councilors. In this way, the work team supporting the Rector Major for the 2020-2026 six-year term is complete.

                              For the Africa-Madagascar region, Fr Alphonse Owoudou was elected, until now Superior of the Equatorial Tropical Africa Vice Province (ATE). Fr Owoudou was born in Ebolowa (Cameroon) on April 30, 1969; he carried out his novitiate in Lomé (Togo) between 1989 and 1990; he made his perpetual vows on 9 August 1997 in Yaoundé (Cameroon), where he was ordained a priest on 11 July 1999. He was Dean of the Post-Novitiate of Lomé (2011-2015) and Dean of the Salesian institute of Yaoundé. He obtained a Doctorate in Psychology from the Salesian Pontifical University (UPS) in Rome.

                              Elected for the America South Cone region was Fr Gabriel Romero, until now Provincial of North Argentina (ARN). Fr Gabriel Romero was born on 10 September 1971 in San Miguel de Tucumán (Argentina). He attended the novitiate in La Plata, professing as a Salesian on January 31, 1991. His perpetual profession was made on 5 October 1996 and he received his priestly ordination in Cordoba on December 11, 1999. He is a professor of Philosophy and Educational Sciences, specializing in Youth Ministry. He also participated in the 27th General Chapter.

                              For the South Asia region, the Capitulars have appointed Fr Michael Biju, until now Councilor of the Province of India-Guwahati. Fr Biju was born on 20 May 1970 in Idukki (India), attended the novitiate in Shillong, making his first vows on March 20, 1988; he made his perpetual vows on May 24, 1996, also in Shillong, and was ordained a priest on 30 July 2000 in Moolamattam. He holds a Doctorate in Moral Theology and a Master in Bioethics. From 2011 to 2017, he was the Dean of the Salesian Theological Studentate "Ratisbonne" in Jerusalem.

                              For the East Asia region, Fr Giuseppe Nguyen Thinh Phuoc, currently serving at the Mission Department, was elected. Born on 2 November 1955 in Quang Ngai (Vietnam), he carried out his novitiate in Tram Hanh, concluded with his first profession on August 15, 1974. He made his perpetual vows in Dalat on 15 August 1980 and was ordained a priest on 9 September 1995 in Fountain Valley (USA). For his home Province, he was Councilor and Delegate for Formation.

                              For the Central and Northern Europe region, Fr Roman Jachimowicz was elected; until now he held the position of Provincial of the Province of Poland-Piła (PLN). Fr Jachimowicz was born on 13 November 1967 in Gorzów Wlkp (Poland), carried out his novitiate in Swobnica, made his first profession on 22 August 1987 and perpetual profession on July 31, 1993, in Rumia; he was ordained a priest on 25 May 1995 in Lad. He was also Delegate for the Past Pupils for the "St. Adalbert" Province of Poland.He also speaks German and Russian.

                              For the Interamerica region, the new Councilor is Fr Hugo Orozco Sánchez, who until today was Provincial of Mexico-Guadalajara. Born on June 30, 1968, in San Luis de Potosí (Mexico), he carried out his novitiate in Chula-Vista, made his first vows on 16 August 1989 in Tlaquepaque and perpetual ones on 10 September 1995, always in Tlaquepaque. He received priestly ordination in San Pedro de Tlaquepaque on 15 March 1997. Before being appointed Provincial, he had also served as Delegate for Youth Ministry and Formation for the MEG Province.

                              Finally, for the Mediterranean region, Fr Juan Carlos Pérez Godoy, outgoing Superior of the Salesian Province of Spain-St James Major (SSM) was chosen to replace Fr Stefano Martoglio, elected Vicar of the Rector Major. Fr Pérez Godoy was born on 5 November 1959 in Burguillos, made his first religious profession on September 8, 1978, perpetual profession on 15 August 1984 and was ordained a priest on June 5, 1987. Before serving the SSM Province, in the old Province of Seville, he was Delegate of Youth Ministry, Vicar, and Provincial. Graduated in Ecclesiastical Sciences, he has a Diploma in Magisterium and Catechetics and in Youth Ministry.

                              {gallery}RMG - Foto Consiglieri regioni 2020{/gallery}

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                                Gian Francesco Romano

                                RMG – Conclusion of the 28th General Chapter

                                2 weeks 2 days ago
                                RMG – Conclusion of the 28th General Chapter

                                (ANS - Rome) - The 28th General Chapter of the Salesian Congregation, in consideration of the particular current situation and in compliance with current regulations, has decided to close activities on Saturday 14 March 2020, earlier than previously scheduled. The Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, with his renewed General Council, will find ways to ensure that all planned topics and deliberations can be addressed later.

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                                  Gian Francesco Romano

                                  RMG – Sector Councilors elected

                                  2 weeks 3 days ago
                                  RMG – Sector Councilors elected

                                  (ANS - Rome) - Formation, Youth Ministry, Social Communication, Missions and Economics: the 28th General Chapter of the Salesian Congregation has appointed the Sector Councilors for the 2020-2026 term.

                                  In Formation, Fr Ivo Coelho was confirmed for a second six-year term, as he held the same office in 2014-2020. Fr Ivo Nicholas Coelho was born on 15 October 1958 in Mumbai (India). Entering the Salesian novitiate in Yercaud in 1976, he made his first vows on 24 May 1977 in the same city, and his perpetual vows exactly 7 years later in Mumbai. He was ordained a priest on 27 December 1987 in Panjim. Among the most important previous positions, he was Provincial of India-Mumbai (2002-2008) and moderator at General Chapter 26.

                                  Fr Miguel Angel García Morcuende was elected as Councilor for Youth Ministry, having served in the same Department between 2010 and 2017, involved in the School and Vocational Training Sector. Fr García Morcuende was born on 29 September 1967 in Madrid (Spain); he attended the Salesian novitiate in Mohernando, where he made his first profession on 16 August 1986. He made his perpetual vows in Arevalo on 11 June 1994, and was ordained a priest on 5 April 1997 in Madrid. Before his period of service in Rome he had already served in Youth Ministry at his home Province (2003-2010), the then "Spain-Madrid".

                                  Elected to Social Communication was Fr Gildásio Mendes dos Santos, this past February installed as Provincial of the Salesian Province of Brazil-Belo Horizonte (BBH), and previously Provincial of Brazil-Campo Grande (BCG). Born on 18 March 1963 in Conceição do Barra, Fr Gildásio Mendes dos Santos entered the Salesian novitiate in São Carlos, where he made his first vows on 6 January 1984. He made his perpetual profession on 11 February 1990 in Campo Grande. On December 12, two years later, in Rondonopolis, he received priestly ordination. He gained his experience in the sector as Provincial Delegate for Social Communication (2004-2005 and then 2009-2015) in the BCG Province.

                                  For Salesian Missions, Fr Alfred Maravilla, currently Superior of the Vice Province of Papua New Guinea-Solomon Islands (PGS) was elected. Alfred Maravilla was born in Silay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, on 31 July 1962. After completing his novitiate in Canlubang, he left as a missionary to Papua New Guinea, where he made perpetual vows on 24 March 1988 in Gabutu.  After studying Theology in Cremisan, Israel, he received priestly ordination in his hometown on August 15, 1992. For him too it is a return to a Department where he had already collaborated: from 2008 to 2017, he was in Rome, working with the formation and accompaniment of missionaries.

                                  Finally, reconfirmed as Economer General was Bro Jean Paul Muller, Salesian coadjutor, who first served in this office on 27 January 2011 when he was appointed by the then Rector Major, Fr Pascual Chávez, and confirmed Economer by the 27th General Chapter. Born on October 13, 1957, in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, he entered the novitiate in Jünkerath on August 16, 1978, where he made his first Salesian profession on August 15 of the following year, and made his perpetual profession on August 15, 1984. He participated in General Chapters 23, 24 and 26 and was part of the pre-capitular commission for the GC27.

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                                    Gian Francesco Romano

                                    RMG – Extraordinary novena to Mary Help of Christians

                                    2 weeks 3 days ago
                                    RMG  – Extraordinary novena to Mary Help of Christians

                                    (ANS - Rome) - Considering the emergency created by the spread of Coronavirus across most of the globe, the Rector Major, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, invites the Salesians, the members of the Salesian Family, and the young people to renew their trusting faith in Mary Help of Christians, following the example of Don Bosco in similar circumstances. For this reason he proposes to experience an extraordinary novena from March 15 to 23 and to conclude it on March 24, the monthly commemoration of Mary Help of Christians, with a prayer of entrustment.

                                    Below is the text of the novena and consecration to Mary Help of Christians.

                                    Recite for nine consecutive days:

                                    - 3 Pater Noster; Ave Maria; Gloria, Blessed Sacrament with the phrase: Be praised and thanked at all times, the Most Blessed and Divine Sacrament.

                                    - 3 Hail, Holy Queen ... with the phrase: Mary, help of Christians, pray for us.

                                    Remember, Most Holy Virgin Mary, that it has never been heard that someone sought your protection, begged your patronage and asked for your help, and was abandoned. With this confidence, I turn to you, Mother, Virgin of the virgins. I come to you, tears in my eyes, guilty of so many sins, I bow down to your feet and ask for mercy. Do not despise my supplication, O Mother of the Word, but listen to me with kindness and hear me. Amen.


                                    Prayer for deliverance from the Coronavirus

                                    Almighty and eternal God, from whom the whole universe receives energy, existence and life, we come to you to invoke your mercy, because today we are still living the fragility of the human condition in the experience of a new viral epidemic.

                                    We believe that it is you who guides the course of human history and that your love can change our destiny for the better, whatever our human condition may be. This is why we entrust the sick and their families to you: for the Paschal mystery of your Son gives salvation and relief to their body and their spirit.

                                    Help each member of society do their job by strengthening the spirit of mutual solidarity. Support doctors and health workers, educators and social workers in the performance of their duties.

                                    You who are comfort in fatigue and support in weakness, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of all the holy doctors and healers, keep all evil away from us.

                                    Free us from the epidemic that is affecting us so that we can calmly resume our usual occupations and praise you and thank you with a heart renewed.

                                    We trust you and address our plea to you, for Christ our Lord. Amen.


                                    CONSECRATION of the world to MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS [March 24]

                                    Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary, our tender and powerful Mother of Christians, we consecrate ourselves entirely to you, so that you may lead us to the Lord. We dedicate our spirit to you with its thoughts, our heart with its affections, the body with its feelings and all its strength, and we promise to always want to work for the greater glory of God and for the salvation of souls.

                                    Meanwhile, O incomparable Virgin, you who have always been the Mother of the Church and the Help of Christians, continue to show yourself thus, especially these days.

                                    Enlighten and strengthen bishops and priests, keep them always united and obedient to the Pope, infallible teacher; increase priestly and religious vocations so that, also through them, the kingdom of Jesus Christ is preserved among us and extend to the very ends of the earth.

                                    We ask you once again, sweet Mother, to always keep your loving eyes on the young exposed to so many dangers, and on the poor sinners and the dying.

                                    Be for all, o Mary, sweet Hope, Mother of mercy, Door of heaven. But we also beg you, O great Mother of God, for ourselves. Teach us to copy in us your virtues, especially your angelic modesty, your profound humility and your ardent charity. 

                                    Mary Help of Christians, make us all gathered under your Mother's mantle.

                                    Grant that in temptations we immediately invoke you with trust: in short, let the thought of you - so good, so kind, so dear, the memory of the love you bring to your devotees - grant such comfort that it makes us victorious against the enemies of our soul, in life and in death, so that we can come to be your crown in beautiful Paradise. Amen. 

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                                      Gian Francesco Romano

                                      Kenya – The Africa Environment Day 2020

                                      2 weeks 3 days ago
                                      Kenya – The Africa Environment Day 2020

                                      (ANS – Nairobi) – Don Bosco TVET Centres in Africa-Madagascar commemorated this year’s Africa Environment Day and Wangari Maathai Day, whose domesticated theme was “Think Green, Live Green.” There was an inauguration ceremony for Green Clubs with talks on environmental awareness culminating in a Cleanup Drive.

                                      The launch of Green Clubs in all participating Centres is envisioned by the Global Programme of Don Bosco Tech Africa under the Green TVET Pillar. Through these Green Clubs, students in Don Bosco TVET centres will be equipped with knowledge and skills in Green Waste Management, Water and Water Waste Management, Biogas and Solar.

                                      The Africa Environment Day, an annual event commemorated on March 3, was established by the Organization of African Unity in 2002 as a way of raising awareness of the pressing environmental challenges facing the African continent.

                                      Since 2012, the event has been celebrated in conjunction with “Wangari Maathai Day”, in order to pay tribute to the late Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wangari Maathai, for her green legacy of Promoting Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development in Africa.

                                      In AFW Province, Nigeria Delegation, there was an official inauguration of Don Bosco Green Club, Onitsha by the Rector of the Community, Rev. Fr. Matthew Adetiloye, Sdb. In attendance were the General Manager of Anambra State Waste Management Agency (ASWAMA), Loretta Chinelo, and the National Job Service Officer, Mr Etukakpan Cletus Linus, who were among the speakers addressing the students and staff. The Centre also undertook a general Cleanup Drive.

                                      Members of the Don Bosco TVET Centre – Buterere, AGL Province in Burundi participated in the Cleanup Drive covering a distance of over 2 km in and outside the Center. Buterere, located in the outskirts of the capital Bujumbura, is annually affected by floods. This was a platform for participants to enlighten neighboring communities to proactively engage in protecting the environment, while exploring various ways to control the situation. The Green Clubs in the region will prioritize on tree planting and biodegradable packaging in their activities.

                                      The AFE Province had simultaneous cleanup events in Don Bosco Boys Town Technical Institute, Don Bosco Technical Institute – Makuyu and Don Bosco Technical School – Embu. The same activities were undertaken in the MDG Province, Don Bosco Antanimasaja Vocational Training Centre, Mahajanga (Madagascar.)

                                      Six Centres in the ANG Province, Angola, celebrated the day through the cleanup exercise. The centres were: Don Bosco Dondo Professional Formation Center, Kwanza Norte; Don Bosco Mabubas Professional Training Centre, Luanda; Don Bosco Mota Professional Training Centre, Luanda; Don Bosco Professional Formation Center of Lwena; Don Bosco Benguela Professional Formation Center; and Don Bosco Professional Formation Center of N'Dalatando.

                                      {gallery}Africa - Giornata ambiente 2020{/gallery}

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                                        RMG - Fr Stefano Martoglio is Rector Major's new Vicar

                                        2 weeks 3 days ago
                                        RMG - Fr Stefano Martoglio is Rector Major's new Vicar

                                        (ANS - Rome) - The 28th General Chapter of the Salesian Congregation has elected Fr Stefano Martoglio as Vicar of the Rector Major for 2020-2026; until now, he was Councilor for the Mediterranean region.

                                        Stefano Martoglio was born in Turin on 30 November 1965. He entered the novitiate at Monte Oliveto in Pinerolo in 1984, made ​​his first profession in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Turin on 8 September 1985, and his perpetual profession on 27 September 1992 in Castelnuovo Don Bosco. He was ordained priest in Turin on 11 June 1994.

                                        He served as a member of the House Council in the community of Pinerolo and that of St. Dominic Savio, Valdocco, before becoming Rector of the Mother House of the Congregation in Valdocco in 2004.

                                        In 2008 he was appointed Superior of the Special Circumscription of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta.

                                        He participated in the 25th General Chapter and was part of the pre-chapter Commission for GC27.

                                        The 27th General Chapter elected him as the 1st Councillor for the Mediterranean region.

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                                          39 minutes 23 seconds ago
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